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Single Review: Listen to Katy Tiz 'Red Cup' (Produced by RedOne)


Rising pop sensation Katy Tiz serves up a brand-new single this week that has all the making of a massive hit for summer. Produced by none other than hitmaker RedOne (Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez, Enrique Iglesias, Nicki Minaj), "Red Cup" is an instantly catchy and mightily delicious pop stomper that is all about celebrating good times and good friends while pouring stiff drinks.

"Red Cup" follows the release of "Famous" and "Heart" that laid the foundation for Tiz's breakout success in the pop charts. Word is that Clear Channel Radio is a big fan of Tiz as well and is throwing all of their weight behind "Red Cup." The song has been put into high rotation at pop stations around the country with more following soon.

Tiz tells me that she was incredibly excited to work with RedOne, the multiple GRAMMY-winning producer who has engineered countless super hits for some of the world's biggest stars. "'Red Cup' was the first song I recorded in my first day of sessions with RedOne," she tells me. "I wanted to do a club song that has a message. So we decided on 'Red Cup.'"

True to form, Tiz combines her cheeky sense of humor with a distinct lyrical point of view on "Red Cup." What may seem like a party anthem at first actually carries a more substantial meaning. The song is about forgetting what gets us down to emphasize the things that lifts us up. "One shot if you're friends are fake/two shots for the bad mistakes/three shots let's celebrate/let's go," Tiz cheers in the chorus of the song. "Put it in my red cup/Chin up, let's look higher."

Tiz explains, "The song captures the idea of, 'Come on, everyone. Bring me your problems, whatever is going on in your life, let's get drunk and celebrate the bad.' That's how the song came about. I fell in love with that idea. See, it's a party song, but it's my party song."

It's been a wild ride for the young British singer who got signed to Republic Records a little over a year ago by savvy A&R executive Harinder Rana at Republic Records who also groomed Jessie J for her international success. Tiz has been writing and recording most of that time to help tune her sound for the big time.

"One year from now I want to be headlining my own tour," Tiz smiles. "I want to look at an audience that is singing my songs. I can't wait. I'm so excited," she says. "I want to touch people with my lyrics so ten years from now they remember my song and the moment they were in. I want to connect with people in that way. (Support new pop and download Katy Tiz on iTunes now.)

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