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Frankmusik Unveils Stirring New Video at 'Chasing Shadows' London Release Party


 By Steve Siegel (London)

Vincent Frank, aka Frankmusik, has had an eventful 12 months. After spending three years in Los Angeles working on various production projects and his second album, Do It In The AM, he relocated to his hometown of Croydon, just outside central London. Locking himself away in his gran’s apartment, Vince unleashed a flurry of creativity that resulted in not only his recent EP "Far From Over," but a totally fresh album, "In Between."

Late last week, at London’s exclusive member’s only club Soho House, ArjanWrites.com was invited to an intimate gathering where Vince debuted his new video for the album’s first single "Chasing Shadows." The video opens with a bright, yet almost melancholic synth drone, instantly calling to mind his "Complete Me" era sound. Then, before we know it, Vince begins singing, "The sun appears/ and so do they/echoes of the objects that they hold on to/in the cold light of day."

The mixture of organic piano, Vince's always potent pipes, and yearning synths nicely juxtaposes the classic Frankmusik sound with his obviously updated prowess as a contemporary songwriter. No Frankmusik song would be complete without a dramatic, powerful chorus and we do indeed get it here. Leading in with a smattering of toms and high pitch percussion, Vince engulfs us in an ocean of synthesizers as he gets brutally honest and sings, "I keep chasing shadows/I have been for years."

While the lyrics may be somber and authentically raw, the melodies are bright, injecting a contrast of emotions. It's Frank's pop signature that any listener can empathize with. However, last night was not only about debuting Vince’s new music, but also the accompanying video for "Chasing Shadows." Coinciding with the track’s dramatic feel, the "Chasing Shadows" video clip is done in black-and-white.

In the video, we find Frankmusik in abandoned gothic church, somewhere in the English countryside. Like the nature of the song, Vince appears contemplative as belts out the lyrics to "Chasing Shadows," moving variously between sitting in the gloomy light of the abandoned building and quite literally, chasing the shadows around him. Check out the video below and make sure to stay tuned for more info on one Arjanwrites.com’s favorite pop stars. (Thanks Steven Siegel for contributing this post. Based in London, Steven is a massive dance music fan and a budding DJ/producer. You reach Steve on Twitter and listen to his own productions on SoundCloud.)

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