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Betablock3r Remixes Ellie Goulding's 'Anything Could Happen' [Interview]


To celebrate the start of her U.S. tour in Miami on Wednesday, Ellie Goulding released an action-packed new "Anything Could Happen" EP this week that includes terrific remixes of the song by producers like Alex Metric, Flinch and Birdy Nam Nam. One of my favorite remixes on the EP is the remake of "Anything Could Happen" by Betablock3r who serve up a pop-savvy reinterpretation of the song filled with hyper-melodic vocal sampling and glossy synths that put a whole new spin on the original track.

Betablock3er is the Los Angeles based production duo of Chris Boulos and Ryan George. After recently revamping Cherry Cherry Boom Boom's "One & Only," the group was excited to take on "Anything Could Happen" next. "We've always been big fans of Ellie, Ryan and I remember hearing her live performance of 'Only Girl' on BBC Radio for the first time a few years back and being blown away," the two write me. "Needless to say it was a huge honor being featured on this remix album."

When crafting the remix, the group was very much inspired by Goulding's original material from the past. "We approached it as though we had a chance to write an original song from scratch while keeping the focus mainly on Ellie," they explain. "This wasn't too difficult as we've found that from a sonic stand point our sound or style seems to mesh particularly well with hers."

The duo adds, "This remix did seem to come together fairy quickly as we were fortunate to have such amazing vocals to work with, which in our opinion makes any remix considerably easier to work with. There were so many directions we could have gone with it so we determined the mood we wanted to set and just ran with it."

Betablock3r is currently working on remixes and original tracks "for other talented artist like Ellie." "We're currently working closely with Cherrytree Rcords which has been an amazing experience, so you can expect some collaborations with some great artists on their roster," they write. Boulos and George conclude, "But who knows... Anything Could Happen... See what we did there?" (Download Ellie Goulding's "Anything Could Happen" remix EP on iTunes.)

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