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From Paris With Love: Listen to Sourya's New Single 'Deadwalker' [Review]


Following the global success of bands like Daft Punk, Phoenix, Justice and Sebastien Tellier, Sourya is France's newest indie pop darling with a shot at the big time internationally with their forthcoming new EP, "Winterwind." The outfit of Sou, Rudy, Arnaud and Julien is no stranger to Paris music fans. The four released their first "Love Songs" EP in 2006 that was followed by "Anatomy Domine" (2008), "Dawdlelwalk" (2009) and "Star Gigolo" (2012). Later this month, they will return with their new EP "Winterwind" that includes the terrific new single, "Deadwalker."

"Deadwalker" perfectly captures everything great and distinct about French indie electro pop. Introduced by lush strings and a throbbing synth beat, the song's sleek and stylish verses lead to a hooky chorus that is driven by a mightily catchy and hella persistent "uuuh-oooh" that will without a doubt get your feet moving. The song's gentle production is topped off by a rowling guitar riff during an instrumental break two-thirds into the tune that adds a bit of spice to this futuristic slow jam.

Sourya likes to describe there music as Daft Punk meets Brian Wilson, which is a pretty good way to sum up the group's electro leanings and classic songwriting sensibilities. Their musical inspirations go way beyond those two artists though. "We’ve got a nineties background," Sourya explains in a recent interview. "We were all into Oasis, Radiohead, Portishead and Bjork. We grew up with that. now we are mostly listening to American hip-hop, German electronic and world music. We love all kinds of music as long as there is a strange chord progression with a simple melody, driven by syncopated drum beats, at least that’s what we're trying to do." (Sourya new EP, "Winterwind" will be released on December 21.) 

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