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Must Watch: Nikki Williams Performs 'Kill F**k Marry' (Acoustic Version)


If you are still not completely convinced that Nikki Williams is the real deal then make sure to check out an impromptu, acoustic rendition of "Kill F**k Marry" that she posted online yesterday. It's a raw and gritty performance that perfectly highlights her powerful pop vocals and helps amplify the song's underlying meaning. Co-written by our beloved Sia, the song makes a powerful statement about being obsessed with the one you love with lyrics like, "Passion feeds fury and the pain gets too much/But I won’t let it go, I’m gonna hold on to my love."

In a recent interview. Williams explains that the song tells two different stories. "It comes across as a love song, but for me personally, it's a look within myself," the modern-day Bonnie Tyler says in a recent interview with ArtistDirect. "I'm looking in the mirror and talking to myself about all of the shit I've been through. It's the love and hate relationship that every person really has with him or herself. I think everyone can relate to it in their own way."

Williams has nothing but love for Sia who wrote the song after they spent some time together to work on idea. "She thought it would be a perfect song for me," she explains. We met and talked for a little bit. She just got it. When I heard it, I was like, "This is definitely my song!" From the second it started, I loved it. It was like true love [Laughs]. Sia is one of my favorite writers of all time. Seriously, she's a poet." (Click here to download Nikki Williams "Kill F**k Marry" on iTunes.)


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