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Electro Pop Duo Carousel Unveils New Single 'Stay Awake' [Exclusive Premiere]


Frequent readers of ArjanWrites.com may remember that I first introduced you to electro pop outfit Carousel when I blogged their terrific tune "Let's Go Home" back in June. Since then, the Booklyn-based duo has continued to write new songs including the brand-new "Stay Awake" that premieres exclusively on this blog today.

Comprised of duo Kevin Friedman and Jackson Phillips, Carousel met at Berklee's College of Music a couple of years ago where they started to collaborate on songs. The famous music school has a reputation to help shape fine new talent, including people like John Mayer, Passion Pit, Quincy Jones, Melissa Etheridge and now also Carousel.

Carousel's "Stay Awake" further defines the group's developing brand of delicate electro pop with its gently throbbing bassline, dreamy synths and Friedman's lush vocals. "[The song tells] a story about unexpectedly meeting someone special, and finding yourself on an adventure with them," the group writes me. "Afraid that this spontaneous connection wont last beyond the night, you fight to keep the adventure going."

They add, "It's really about struggling with the idea that all great experiences have an end. The inspiration for the song came after our first trip to LA with the band. We all had some nights we never wanted to end, and thought were worth writing about." Fortunately for us, there is no end to this new Carousel because you can spin "Stay Awake" as long and often as you like.

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