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Willy Moon Explodes Onto The Pop Scene With New Single 'Yeah Yeah' [Review]


Willy Moon moves like Jagger in the fantastic new video for his U.S. debut single "Yeah Yeah" that premiered earlier today. The video was directed by GRAMMY winner Alex Court├Ęs (U2, The White Stripes, Justice) who creates a vibrant scene featuring Moon-esque formation dancer that is the perfect backdrop for the young singer's refreshing pop revivalist performance.

Moon serves up an exhilerating new pop sound that is retro in its origin, yet forward thinking in its execution. Inspired by artists as diverse as Bo Diddly, David Bowie and Timbaland, it is important for the young New Zealand singer to emphasize that he wants to deliver something unique that fits the tastes of the playlist generation."Nothing exists without context," he told Vogue a few months ago. "You are always going to get comparisons, but those ideas about genres are so outdated."

He argues, "We live in a post-modern world - people aren't as tribal as they used to be. It's not about fitting into the punk world, or the rock 'n' roll world, or about belonging to a specific group. I am a Willy Moon artist and I make Willy Moon music. I have my own approach and I do things differently."

His debut single "Yeah Yeah" is an excellent example of his Willy Moon music, combining classic riffs and contemporary beats with his gentleman vocal delivery. Moon likes the explain his sound as "quite abrasive" adding that he doesn't want "to try and define it," but just "want to entertain people."

Combining a daring style with a whole lot of substance, Willy Moon is like the young James Bond of pop. He's slightly shaken but never stirred. And his perfectly-coiffed new video for "Yeah Yeah" is solid proof of that. Moon's suit by Alexander McQueen. (Click here to download Willy Moon "Yeah Yeah" on iTunes.)

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