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Sirah Premieres Video for New Single 'Up & Down" [First Look]


After stirring up a storm on the Los Angeles music scene over the past few years, newcomer Sirah is turning it up a few notches with the release of her new video "Up & Down" that should get her noticed far beyond Cali borders. "Up & Down" is a wildly unorthodox mash of pop, hip hop and dubstep, and the freshly-released video that goes along with it shows off Sirah's no holds barred attitude that proudly exposes her flaming punk-rock roots.

Dance aficionados among you will most certainly know Sirah from her collaborations with Skrillex. She's featured on two of his tracks, including "Bangarang" and "Kyoto." She explains in a recent interview that they shared a downtown Los Angeles artist loft and worked on a bunch of tracks before "Bangarang." "Skrillex has been one of my best friends for probably like, six years,” she explains. 

Sirah explains that one night Skrillex called while he was on tour and asked her to record vocals for a track he was working on. "He was like, 'Hey can you record 16 bars and send it to me,'" she recalls. "I was like, ‘Do you want me to go to me studio?’ He was like, ‘No, no, no. Do it right now." That very first recording ultimately made it onto the final production of the "Bangarang" EP.

What makes Sirah stand out from many others is that she's a naturally gifted writer who pens songs, rhymes, hooks and toplines virtually non-stop. "It's obscene," she smiles. "Sometimes it looks like I have a death wish as I attempt to record voice notes while driving cause a melody pops into my head. When I work with my producer it's seemingly flawless. We'll finish two to four songs in a session, write and record them."

The mightily talented Sirah was recently signed to Atlantic/Pulse Records and is currently working on her big label debut. In the meantime, there's plenty of hot and happening Sirah music to be very excited about, including her mixtape "C.U.L.T. Too Young Too Die" that you can download for free at on her web site.

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