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Sweden's Non Tiq Unveils Video for New Single 'Love Machine'


Swedish pop songstress Non Tiq (aka Nora Lindkvist) likes to compare making music to the way kids play when they just got some new toys. She's inspired by the adventure, discovery and creativity that goes along with unwrapping your new toy and getting to play with it. Her new single "Love Machine" is a great example of that. It's a fun and playful tune yet has some adult undertones that gives its sweet production a bit of a crunch. 

In a recent interview, Lindkvist explains that she wanted "Love Machine" to sound like a live studio take without a whole lot of edits. "Like an angry girl suddenly stepping out on a stage screaming out her pain over a failed relationship," she smiles. "But then we have also worked a lot on making it a rhythmic song. For example there’s a lot of really simple and repetitive guitars that create a certain rhythm. Maybe people think that that’s boring but I love it. I like creating rhythms with other instruments than drums."

She adds, "All of the songs are recorded in my living room, which is nice. But it also makes it harder for you not to think about work when being home. I love the recording process. During the process the songs are like little secrets that no one knows of." Lindkvist is currently putting final touches on her debut LP, entitled "17," that is scheduled to be released in 2013. "The album will be really poetic but at the same time fierce," the singer concluded. "People will recognize the sound from “Love Machine”, but some songs have a rougher side to them. And some are softer." (Non Tiq "Love Machine" is available on iTunes Sweden now.)

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