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The Daily Crunch: Katy Perry, Prince, Adam Lambert, Xbox Music, Girls Aloud, M.I.A.

Adam Lambert 450

arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Katy Perry Covers Bonnie Raitt's “I Can't Make You Love Me”: Watch
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Adam Lambert Insures His Voice for $47 Millions
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) M.I.A. Gives Fans A Taste of Her New Artbook
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Lady Gaga and Prince May Contribute to Great Gatsby Soundtrack
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Meet Dua, The Keyboard Playing Otter 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Zune Becomes XBox Music And Offers More 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Gay UK X Factor Contestant Creates A Stir
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Billboard Alters Music Charts to Add Digital Sales and Streaming Data
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Ultra Music Festival Tickets On Sale on October 17 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Diamond Rings to Play Amoeba Music This Week
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Girls Aloud Are Coming Back Back Back 
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