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Listen to Wynter Gordon 'Still Getting Younger' Smarterchild Remix [Free MP3]


Wynter Gordon's "Still Getting Younger" ranks without a doubt among some of my favorite tracks of 2011. It's a true pop gem that packs a lush melancholia with its bright melody and gentle synth flourishes that neatly amplify the singer's powerful, emotive pop vocals. Rising producer, songwriter and composer Rick "SmarterChild" Markowitz jumped at the chance to remix "Still Getting Younger" when he received the original stems for the song and had the opportunity to put his own unique twist on it. 

Markowitz tells me he's a huge fan of Wynter Gordon. "I would love to work with her," he writes me. "We run in the same circles so I'm sure it's going to happen soon. I'm just waiting for the right track to send her way. I'd love to get her voice on an original of mine but am much more interested in writing for her because the pop world is more where I want to be." (In related news, Markowitz is also composing a Kickstarter-funded film with a friend. Learn more about that here.)

Kicked off by a retro AIM instant message chime, Markowitz's remake of "Still Getting Younger" puts some pep in the sweetly shimmering original.  He amps up the song with throbbing percussion and smoldering synths that turn the whole track into a wildly explosive dancefloor sensation that is simply too irresistible to be denied. Some listeners have referred to the remix as "horror step" but with Halloween just a few weeks away that most certainly is not a bad thing. (Download MP3)

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