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Thomas Azier Talks The New Dawn of Pop, Unveils 'How To Disappear' [MP3]

One of the first things that struck me about meeting Thomas Azier is his laser-sharp artistic point of view. He knows exactly who he is as an artist and the type of pop music he wants to create and share with the world. I first posted about Azier when I blogged about his tune "Red Eyes" back in April. The following month, I met the young Berlin-based singer in Los Angeles at Musexpo and we spent some time talking about his inspiration and the future of pop music. 

After growing up in a small town in the north of Holland, Azier looked to expand his creative canvas and moved to Berlin to find a scene and inspiration. "I needed to find this sound that was unique but I didnt have it yet," he told me. "I looked up Berlin on the internet and I thought maybe there's a scene there. Berlin immediately influenced me - the hardness, the concrete, the darkness, the urban nostalgia. The city made me look for pretty in things that are not pretty."

Azier adds, "Take the harsh winters in Berlin for example. The snow is knee-high and it doesn't stop snowing. There were times I was very isolated and very alone,  but I was looking for that. I started reading poetry and reading books about a lot interesting stuff. So instead of finding my story, I made my own story. I wrote out of necessity."

The singer explains that the bustling Berlin techno scene did inspire him to some degree, but he ultimately set out to to make pop music. "Techno is too abstract," he says. "I love the compact form of pop music. It's such a strong vessel to carry your message with and reach lots of people. You can put a lot of layers in pop music and I think many underestimate how strong pop music is."

Azier feels that the tide of pop music is turning and that the genre will enter a new phase of development. "If you compare it to seasons, it think we're in the winter of pop music now," he explains. "There's a lot of friction and something new is coming. It's hard to think of the pop songs that will be remembered from this time in ten or twenty years from now. I'm very inspired by the new pop sounds that are coming from Germany and France that combine bittersweet sentiments with a bit of depair."

Azier's own music captures that exact feeling with its grand, atmospheric soundscapes, sweltering synths and melancolic lyrics. "I'm very inspired by the darkness of the city, futurism, introspection and mythology," he says. "All of those elements are incorporated into my music." Check out a totally guilt-free MP3 download of Thomas Azier's "How To Disappear" to get a taste for Azier's rapdily-emerging brand of pop. 

 Thomas Azier "How To Disappear"

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