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Hot New Talent Alert: Listen to Jess Bell 'Dandelion' [Download Free MP3]

Jess Bell

It took me less than 20 seconds to realize that Jess Bell has a voice to remember. Just listen to her quivering, delicate delivery on "Dandelion" to understand that the emerging British singer/songwriter (and sometimes actress) brings forth a very compelling new brew of pop that is dominated by her one-of-a-kind vocals. Driven by gentle guitar licks and brooding synths chords, "Dandelion" tells Bell's personal experiences about unrequited love in not-so subtle terms. "So tell me you love me or stand up and leave me if I'm second best," she sings. 

In an email, Bell explains that the theme of "Dandelion" refers to some of her past relationships. It's about those moments of "he loves me, he loves me not" that inspired the song. She explains, "As a little girl I loved wishing on a dandelion in the hope that the wish would be granted. I'm a spiritual person and I still wish on stars, but it has to be the first one you see and not any other."

When it comes to songwriting, Bell has been inspired by artists ranging from Nelly Furtado to Blondie, and from The Ronettes to early Madonna. "More recently Frank Ocean has been a huge inspiration to me," Bell adds. "I love his creativity, lyrics and beats." She also mentions Judy Garland as an inspiration, which may explain her animated stage show. "I grew up watching musicals such as 'Wizard Of Oz' with my grandad and loved impersonating Judy Garland," she smiles.

But if Bell has to boil it down to one single sentiment that inspires her music and songwriting, it is simply honesty. There's no complicated formula of ingredients nor does she tries to imitate others. Her only goal is to make honest music. "I just do my thing, If people like it then that makes me smile," she explains. (Follow Jess Bell on Twitter for updates.)

 Download Jess Bell "Dandelion" [MP3]

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