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Hot New Pop Alert: Listen to Frank + Derol 'Barely Love You Too' [Free MP3]

Frank + Derol photo

There's something deliciously magical about Frank + Derol's music. Whether it's their slick, candy-coated vocals, the seemingly simple melodies or the raw, honest intensity of their lyricism, the combination of all of those ingredients stir a sophisticated blend of pop that is very compelling. In fact, the odds are that it will take you just one listen to be completely, utterly and head over heels obsessed with this enchanting ditty.

Frank + Derol is the teaming of Codi Caraco and Brandi Cyrus who both bring a unique point of view to their music. Codi grew up in Los Angeles, playing intricate Rachmaninoff preludes on the piano while the rest of her family blasted psychedelic rock. Brandi, daughter of Billy Ray and Miley's older sister, split her childhood between a tour bus and a home in Nashville, where she listened to Merle Haggard records and watched her father play guitar.

The two became touring musicians and met during one of their gigs five years ago. Initially a trio with Megan Park, the two pop hipsters started writing music together, quickly finding that Brandi's folksy, organic sensibilities and love for '90s grunge was the perfect complement to Codi's ear for the "off-kilter, structural and strange." "We began making the music that we'd always wanted to make," Codi explains in a press release. Adds Brandi, "The roughness of those tours, the two of us just playing acoustic—it made us grow up as artists, and our songs did too."

Their new single "Barely Love You Too" is a prelude to more of the music they worked on for the past year as a duo. Transparent and raw, it's a song filled with moody undertones that balance perfectly with its sun-kissed and sparkly melody. "I'm not afraid to say I'm not ashamed. You know that I would do anything," Codi and Brandi harmonize beautifully. "Tell me what you want to say. Is it safe enough to say. I barely love you too." Those are some real feelings right there.

 Frank + Derol "Barely Love You Too' [MP3]

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