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Cherry Cherry Boom Boom Releases 'Come Back From San Francisco' on iTunes and Beatport Today


Like I've written before, pop music comes in all shapes and sizes. A pop song can be fueled by a joyful melody, a heartfelt sentiment or simply a memorable hook that's fun to singalong to. But one of pop's most timeless qualities is that pop music is all-inclusive when it comes to its reach and its ability to capture an emotion that people can instantly relate to. 

The Magnetic Fields' evergreen "Come Back From San Francisco" is one of those classically powerful pop songs that is filled with a bittersweet sentiment that has the power to move people. Take the song's lyric "I'm awful in love with you" for example. It perfectly encapsulates the flurry of conflicting emotions that inspired the song and it may remind many listeners of a similar experience they went through.

Given the song's brilliance, it should come as no surprise that pop man Martin "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom" Kierszenbaum chose to cover The Magnetic Fields' "Come Back From San Francisco" and release it as a modern-day pop single. Kierszenbaum kept the original's sentiment completely intact, but gave the production's arrangement a sparkly, youthful and deliciously synthy make-over to make it fit for today's charts. 

Kierszenbaum sure is no stranger to writing, production, finding and developing high-grade pop music. As the founder and chairman of Cherrytree Records (and the larger Cherrytreedom brand), he has worked directly with some of pop's greatest, including Feist, T.a.T.u, Robyn, Keane, Nelly Furtado and Lady Gaga.

You may remember that I first alerted you about Cherry Cherry Boom Boom's "Come Back From San Francisco" last August, but today the song is officially released in the U.S. Celebrate and support great new pop and head over to iTunes to download the original version, plus remixes by Hype Jones, Rameses B Beastmode Mix, The Alias, Candyland, Marco Hawk and Tut Tut Child Beastmode UK Mix. For a limited time, you can also go to Beatport to download a remix package with revamps of "Come Back From San Francisco by Michael Woods, Sven Kirchhof, BassJackers and Ron Reeser.

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