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Watch Studio Killers "Eros And Apollo" World Exclusive Premiere


After the success of their debut single "Ode To The Bouncer" across Europe, the savvy pop people of the Studio Killers return today with their much-anticipated follow up single, "Eros And Apollo." The expertly-produced song is once again a hyper melodic, mighty infectious and totally fun dance-pop romp that comes along with a colorful and enchanting animated video that brings the group's animated characters joyfully to life. The tune stirs plenty of happy vibes that will have you ready for a good time the moment the needle hits.

As I previously wrote, Studio Killers is a mysterious electronic music collective made up of Cherry, Goldie Foxx and Dyna Mink based in Denmark, Finland and the U.K. who work on their music virtually. Their collaboration began when their managers started sharing bits of music that could be used by one of them to build a full track from. But after combining that catchy beat and that massive chorus, the three realized they should record a track together and form a new group. 

Not keen to enter the bright pop spotlight, Studio Killers hired a design team to create whimsical, bright-eyed cartoon characters to represent them in their videos and photos. The purpose is to keep their true identities hidden as long as possible. Once people find out who the people are behind the phenomenon, Studio Killers will come out as a creative collective. To this day, who exactly they are remains a closely guarded secret.

Both musically and visually, this new "Eros And Apollo" picks up where "Ode To The Bouncer" left of.  The Studio Killers' animated story continues as we find Cherry in the club, bumping into a boy, "so wonderful, that the other gigolos run like spiders," the Studio Killers write me from their colorfully animated home.

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