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The Daily Crunch: Ellie Goulding, Lana Del Rey, Rihanna, Shirley Manson, Theophilius London, Nicki Minaj

Ellie Goulding 450

arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Rihanna Is Incognito On Her “Where Have You Been” Single Cover
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Nicki Minaj's 'Roman Reloaded' Debuts At #1, Madonna's 'MDNA' Suffers Drop
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Ellie Goulding Performs on The Ellen DeGeneres Show 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Lana Del Rey Is A Guns N’ Roses Fan 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Trent Hangs With Shirley Manson and Garbage 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Jon Stewart Doesn't Get Google Glasses and Instagram 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) B.o.B, 'Both of Us' Feat. Taylor Swift – Song Review 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Comedian Pokes Fun at Mary J. Blige's Burger King Commercial 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Check out RuPal's New "Glamazon" Video 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Nicki Minaj Avoids The Sophomore Jinx 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) Theophilus London Remixes His Album, Animated-GIF Style 
arjanwrites_bullet_small.jpg (7×7) MBVT South Beach Model Beach Volley Tournament - 2012 Edition 
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