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[NEW] Listen to Urban Cone's New Single "Kings & Queens"


Inspired by fellow Swedes like Robyn, Teddybears and Miike Snow, emerging Stockholm alt-pop outfit Urban Cone serves up a new synth-driven sound on their brand-new single "Kings & Queens." This song follows the playful groove of their debut single "Urban Photograph" that the group unveiled last year.

Paced by '80s styled, punchy synth strokes and yearning lead vocals, "Kings & Queens" is a song about feeling free, running wild and ruling the world one city at a time. The tune's escapist narrative is intensified by lyrics like, "It's about making them understand, what we're born to do (. . .) Run with me to all cities, we'll be kings and queens."

Urban Cone is is the teaming of Rasmus Flyckt, Magnus Folkö, Tim Formgren, Emil Gustafsson and Jacob William Sjöberg who first met in 2010. The five bonded over their love for electronica and live music, and they decided to start jamming together to bring something fresh and new to Stockholm's burgeoning electro scene. They sent their demo tunes to Universal Music Sweden who signed the group early last year.

Even though the group's music is marked by its left-field leanings and prominent use of synths, Urban Cone likes to change things up when it comes to their music. "Creating different types of songs comes natural to us and we have no attempt to stop doing so, even if we believe the current immense line between them might narrow a bit in the future," they explain in an interview.

Lyrically, the group likes to address big themes and big emotions that primarily set a mood to help people make the song their own. "When we write the lyrics for our songs we always try to include some sort of message or value," they explain. "But we feel it’s much more interesting if you sense and interpret the song yourself."

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