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[NEW] Listen to New Josh Osho "Giants"


Music has the power to brighten your day even when the world around you seems pretty bleak. Josh Osho's warming soul-pop tune "Giants" is a great example of that. Filled with hope and packed with optimism, the British crooner sings about those days that life can get you down, but he poignantly reminds us that there's always a light at the end of the tunnel that should inspire us to keeping moving with our heads held high.

The song captures a similar sentiment as Osho's debut single "Redemption Days," an equally powerful song about living life against the odds that was released last year. At only 20 years old, Osho is an old soul, a poignant lyricist who brings an emotional intensity to his work that is wise beyond his years. 

On "Giants," Osho sings, "Ordinary days but these ain't ordinary times. When you feel you're losing ground, you need someone to keep you straight up tall, because no one wants to fall. We all want to be giants, but our heads are too heavy from the mess that we're in. We all want to have patience and we want to ride it out, getting tired of waiting. We all want to make progress and we're suffering, running in circles again. The only reason that I stand to make it through is that I'm twice the man I am when I'm with you."

Born to a half Northern Irish, half Nigerian mother and ex-boxer and musician father, Josh Osho has always used music to express himself and vent his emotions about things that bothered him. With this new single, Osho is striking a chord with people on both sides of the Atlantic who are empowered by his velvety timbre and uplifting message. The song was re-released on iTunes in the U.K. this week with rhymes by Glassnote rapper Childish Gambino who adds some playful spunk to the song's bigger message.  

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