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Listen to Rebecca Ferguson "Glitter & Gold" (Feverpitch Remix) Exclusive Premiere


After Rebecca Ferguson first impressed TV viewers when she auditioned for the British version of X Factor in 2010, the 21 year-old has continued to move audiences with her incredibly soulful voice and heartfelt performance that belies her years. Her very personal songwriting is equally profound, and gives listeners a glimpse into the hardships of her bleak upbringing and her life as a teenage mom of two.

Ferguson shares her stories on her debut LP, entitled "Heaven," that has struck a chord with listeners who are not only mesmerized by her raw vocal delivery but also inspired by her uplifting message of persevering against the odds. "People used to say to me ‘Being rich doesn’t make you happy, Rebecca’" she says in a press release. "And I’d think I’ve got no electricity, nothing - tell that to my empty fridge. But now I’m doing okay, I realise, they were right. It doesn’t matter what you’ve got, as long as you’ve got love. I know that sounds cheesy, but that's everything."

The singer continues that theme on her new single "Glitter & Gold" that is about knowing what really matters in life. "All that glitter and all that gold won't buy you happy," she sings. "When you've been bored and sore, glitter and gold won't keep you warm (. . . ) All those lonely nights and all those friends that were such a chore. You're gonna need 'em more than ever before."

The touching tune has been remixed by Canadian DJ Feverpitch who masterfully turns Ferguson from an earnest soul crooner into a blazing dancefloor diva on this fantastic revamp that gives a whole new meaning to her truthful lyrics, "take care of your soul." (Support new pop and pre-order Rebecca Ferguson "Glitter & Gold" on iTunes.)

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