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Hot New Talent Alert: Listen to Sylver Tongue "Creatures"


After being a guitarist and backing vocalist for bands like Ash, Bat For Lashes and Client, Charlotte Hatherly now unveils her brand-new solo pop project using the Sylver Tongue moniker. Hatherly's new guise is a nod to some of the artists that have inspired her including Tom Tom Club, Talking Heads and Japan's David Sylvian. 

What makes Hatherly's new sound decidedly different than her previous work is that she now composes her music on keys whereas previously she has written songs exclusively on a guitar. The result is an irresistible slice of '80s inspired pop that is best described as an oddly seductive brew of pulsing synts colliding with Charlotte's haunting vocals. It's not only a creatively satisfying project for Hatherly, her music also serves up some exciting new tunes for synth pop lovers to enjoy.

Check out her freshly unveiled new single "Creatures" that will be released in the U.K. at the end of May. The alluring tune comes along with an equally fascinating video that underlines that Hatherly has a very strong visual point of view as well. Featuring "creatures," "prying eyes," lots of masks and antique sketches of the human anatomy, the visual side of the project is very much under Hatherley’s tutelage and comes from her passion for the post-apocalyptic worlds of 80s sci-fi movies.

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