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Hot New Talent Alert: Listen to O.N.E. "On 1" [Exclusive Premiere]


You may remember that I first alerted you about British pop duo MannQuin back in early 2011 when I posted their single "ManneQuin" that was co-produced by none other than J.R. Rotum, the Beluga Heights hot man who previously produced hit tracks for Jason DeRulo, Britney Spears and Rihanna. Since then, ManneQuin's Dan and Reuben have continued to write and record, but recently decided to change course and amicably part ways to pursue solo projects.

ManneQuin's lead singer Dan Priddy is moving on with a brand-new pop project, titled O.N.E. (Once Nothing Everything). Priddy writes me in an email that he has big plans for O.N.E. "My vision is to be the instigator in a new area of music," he explains. "Almost like the renaissance period of art, I want my music to be seen that way. I literally have done every stage of the musical and visual process myself. I produce, write, arrange and perform [all my songs]. I did the all the logos and artwork myself on Photoshop."

"I believe if you think you can do something and put your mind to it, you probably can. I see no boundaries, only open doors with O.N.E," the very talented artist confidently adds.

Check out "On 1," the very first track Priddy unveils from his new O.N.E. project. It's a hearty and highly effective brew of infectious pop that prominently features Priddy's smooth pop vocals that are interspersed with explosive, melodic dubstep drops that add a potent crunch to the overall production.

Priddy also directed and edited a video of the song that shows footage of him jumping in pool at the Shoreditch Hotel pool and running through the streets of London to add some fitting dramatic flair to the meaning of the song. You can download an MP3 of O.N.E. "On 1" right here.)

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