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Skrillex and Markson Ronson Talk About Re:Generation Music Project (Encore Presentation in Theaters on 2/23)


A co-production of The Recording Academy, Hyundai and Greenlight Media, The Re:Generation Music Project is a unique music documentary that follows five electronic DJ/producers as they collaborate with some of music's most influential artists to create a brand-new song together.

Pairing up artists from different genres to create new material is not a novel idea, but the high caliber of people participating in this movie, the challenges they had to deal with and the way it was all captured on film has resulted in an incredibly compelling movie that is a must-see for music lovers everywhere. Also, the film rightfully emphasizes the importance of DJs and electronic producers in today's music industry as a catalyst for what's hip and happening.

Challenged to bring forth their unique creative vision, Skrillex, Mark Ronson, DJ Premiere, The Crystal Method and Pretty Lights all teamed with some of music's best to create a brand-new song in a limited amount of time. Skrilles worked in Los Angeles with the remaining members of The Doors, Mark Ronson headed to New Orleans to produce Trombone Shorty and Erykah Badu, The Crystal Method visited Detroit to collaborate with Martha Reeves, turntablist DJ Premiere teamed with conductor Bruce Adophe, and Pretty Lights went to Nashville and Chicago to work with country legend Dr Ralph Stanley and singer Leann Rimes.

Producer Mark Ronson sure is no stranger to being a musical chameleon. In fact, many want to work with him because he's so adept at mixing different styles and genres. During the movie's premiere, I asked Ronson about his unique experiences making the film. "The thing that I do with the Dap Kings is in the genre of funk and soul, but it's not truly jazz," he explains. "To go to New Orleans and being thrust in a room for a day with people like Trombone Shorty and Erykah Badu is kind of a lot of pressure. I mean it is not a challenge we haven't dealt with before, but I guess the difference was that there were 7 movie cameras filming the whole time."

Skrillex agrees that having the collaboration filmed was a different experience, but to have the opportunity to work with his childhood heroes was what truly mattered."Like I said in the movie, I really grew up listening to The Doors," the three-time GRAMMY winner explains. "To be filmed making a song with the first band that you have a memory of is the scariest thing, but it's awesome to have the opportunity. I don't really want to be on TV, but if it is a platform to do something cool, that's cool too and that's why I did this."

Watching Re:Generation Music Project feels like being a fly on the wall of some of the most exciting musical collaborations that you can think of. The film is truly compelling when it shows some of the creative differences that occur and spark the film's best and most dramatic moments - from Martha Reeves' steadfast opinions to Pretty Lights' delicate work with Dr Ralph Stanley who is skeptical about teaming with a tall club kid for a dubstep-edged country track. It's priceless footage that every music lover must go see when it hits a move screen in a theatre near you tomorrow, February 23. Click here for cities and exact locations.

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