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[NEW] Smith & Thell "Kill It With Love"


You may remember that I first introduced you the finely-tuned, feel good electro pop of Swedish synth pop duo Smith & Thell early last summer when I posted their tune "Man Of Your Kind." The duo of Mary Jane Smith and Victor Alexander Thell have continued to work on new music together since and are now unveiling the poptastic new stomper, "Kill It With Love."

Driven by a sleek, pulsing club groove, a deliciously looping piano riff and Mary Jane's candy-coated vocals, the hyper melodic "Kill It With Love" is the ultimate blend of pop perfection that will have you tapping and humming along the moment it hits. It's an irresistible tune that is masterfully produced with its streamlined arrangement and crisp production stylings. Smith & Thell prove once again that Sweden has its finger tightly on the pulse of what's pop and happening.

Mary Jane and Victor have been working together on music for a couple of years. They first met up at a concert in their small hometown and instantly bonded over everything pop and decided to work together. Initially, the group started out as a full-band but Mary Jane and Victor opted to go forward as Smith & Thell with a strictly digital, no fuss sound to focus solely on serving up great hooks and a tighly produced sound. Mission accomplished. This "Kill It With Love" is all that and much more.

The group is signed to Uniform Beat, a brand-new Swedish dance music label, alongside artists like Mayka, Emma Bates and Materikaa. Following the success of Robyn, Avicii and Kleerup, Uniform Beat intends to bring more Swedish dance music to global audiences. The indie will primarily focus on digital singles and EPs, packed with lots of alternative versions and remixes. The distribution is worldwide through Playground Music and their partner Kontor New Media.

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