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Listen to Far East Movement feat. Justin Bieber "Live My Life" [Single Review]


Far East Movement is gearing up for a big year with the forthcoming release of their much-anticipated new album, entitled "Dirty Bass." Lead single that will be introducing the album release is their mega pop collaboration with none other than pop sensation Justin Bieber on their mighty new "Live My Life."

The group has been performing the song during the Cherrytree Records Pop Alternative Tour live shows in Canada and Europe, and after LMFAO's RedFoo premiered his remix of the song during a few DJ stints last week, fans have been clamoring to hear the full single edit. It's been almost impossible to contain the explosive pop qualities of the song and Interscope unleashed the full version on SoundCloud this morning.

Masterfully produced by RedOne, "Live My Life" is driven by Biebers' slick and instantly infectious vocal hook, Far East Movement's grinding L.A. bass sound and the group's clever wordplay that is all about enjoying the moment and living your life to the fullest - however it suits you. It's Far East Movement "free wired" gospel turned up a few notches with a polished new dance pop sound that firmly positions the group as a next generation pop band with its universal, all-inclusive attitude that breaks down barriers and brings a fresh new energy to the scene.

With a new sound and a new album, the downtown LA foursome is also evolving their visual aesthetic. Out are the skinny ties and space helmets, in are the bold-colored jackets and gold chains to fully accentuate their new dirty bass approach that is more than just a low frequency buzz. Far East Movement has never been about just a single sound, a rap, a catchy beat, a solid hook or just a good time. The group is all of that plus more, and the sum of all these ingredients reflects their genre-mashing, free-styling and open-minded attitude that has the power to inspire a movement as much as it has the potential to sell records.

According to a report in Billboard Magazine, the group's "Dirty Bass" also includes production work by The Stereotypes, David Guetta, Bangladesh and Martin "Cherry Cherry Boom Boom" Kierszenbaum. No release dates for "Dirty Bass" and this new "Live My Life" has been communicated at this time, but it should not be too long before new music gets unveiled. (Update: "Live My Life" will be released to iTunes on February 28.)

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