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Adam Lambert Remembers Whitney Houston; Shares New Album Details


On Saturday evening, I caught up with pop singer Adam Lambert for a few minutes at the Clive Davis Pre-GRAMMY Gala at The Beverly Hilton just moments after news broke that Whitney Houston had passed away. Many of Adam's loyal fans had submitted a wide variety of questions for my interview with Adam, but our conversation was cut short due to the happenings at the hotel and given the circumstances it focused mainly on the singer's thoughts about Whitney Houston.

Still in shock about the news, Lambert poignantly articulated his immediate feelings about Houston's untimely death. "It's very somber," he told me. "The least we can do is to remember her and pay tribute to her artistry and celebrate her life ( . . .) It's a hard thing to say. It's a bit soon to say much more at this time. It's still so fresh."

Lambert also shared some of his early memories about the pop icon. "I think everybody remembers watching The Bodyguard, I remember that too," he explains. "I was just being like 'damn, she can sing!' And with vocals like that she inspired all singers. That was singing. A top-notch level of difficulty, taste and flavor. She had it all."

We also spoke briefly about his much-anticipated new album "Trespassing" that will be released this spring. "It will be a 'Mapril' release," he said, referring to his publicist for more specific updates about the exact timing in the future. Lambert also revealed that the album will include a collaboration with none other than soul crooner Bruno Mars. "That's a yes! He will be on the record," he confirmed.

Right after we finished talking, Lambert headed into the main ball room of The Beverly Hilton to remember Whitney Houston together with his peers. Clive Davis acknowledged Lambert's presence alongside people like Tom Hanks, Joni Mitchell and Dr Dre from the podium during event. (Stay tuned for a more extensive interview with Adam Lambert soon. Follow me on Twitter for updates.)  

Update: Adam Lambert's collaboration with Bruno Mars on "Trespassing" is a writing collaboration, not a vocal duet.

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