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Natalia Kills "Kill My Boyfriend" (Video Review)

Natalia Kills KMF

Watching Natalia Kills' video for "Kill My Boyfriend" is a bit like watching the movie sequel to The Stepford Wives. Meticulously styled and perfectly detailed, Natalia's fashion-forward world of pop appears obsessively in order. But don't let that sense of perfection fool you. If it looks too perfect to be true, it probably is. And staying true to form, Kills explores the underlying imperfections of a seemingly perfect relationship in this fantastic new video.

Kills masterfully turns peril into pop on "Kill My Boyfriend." The video taps into the ambiguous sentiment of the song that is littered with contradictions. Dominated by a happy-go-lucky chorus and cheery verses, it seems that a carefree Kills is just going about her day like any other day. However, her lyrics indicate quite the opposite. "I wish we'd never broke it off. I hated that we separated, I can't forget you," she obsesses. "You're the one I want, everything I'm dreaming off. And I'm wishing he was you all along. I'm gonna kill my boyfriend, yeah."

In the video of "Kill My Boyfriend," Kills and French-American director Guillame perfectly visualize the concepts of contradiction, obsession and perfect imperfection that dominate the song. Like an obedient yet determined Stepford wife, Natalia pours herself fresh cup of milk in her spotless '50s styled kitchen while quietly plotting a way out of her silent misery.

Once again, Natalia Kills perfectly marries style with substance in this new video that is fueled by her ongoing fascination with imperfect perfection. That theme continues to drive her music and aesthetic, neatly emphasizing that there's way more to Natalia Kills than a hooky pop tune. 

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