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Watch New Video For Jessie J "Domino" (Video Review)

For some reason certain folks just love to hate on Jessie J. And they love to criticize her new Dr Luke produced single "Domino" because it "sounds so much like Katy Perry."

Truth is that "Domino" is simply a fun, radio-ready pop track that perfectly fits Jessie's larger than life vocals and suits the pop aesthetic of the moment. And that's quite frankly exactly what Jessie needs to further build momentum in the States alongside those new collaborations with David Guetta which help her star shine brighther.

The brand-new video for "Domino" perfectly emphasizes Jessie's vivacious personality by rapidly zooming in and out of the singer who is dressed in a variety colorful outfits, ranging from studded baseball cap to spikey lips and from her graffiti unitard to her trademark bop. It's a fun video based on the simple concept to showcase Jessie's big and bold personality. Mission accomplished.

December 26, 2011 | Permalink