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[VIDEO] ZZ Ward "Better Off Dead"

ZZ Ward found just the right location to film the video for "Better Off Dead." The video was shot at an abandoned mental institution in downtown Los Angeles, which is the perfect backdrop for that eerie, yet very soulful "Better Off Dead." So brace yourself in a straight jacket and have a look.

Like I wrote before, "Better Off Dead" is an incredibly nifty remake of Tyler, The Creator's shock tune "Yonkers" that is dominated by that that spooky and slightly creepy sampled loop that sounds a bit like a torture wheel that spins on and on, and ultimately will drive you, quite literally, insane. 

"Better Off Dead" is a perfect track for newcomer ZZ Ward to make a lasting impression. Born in Pennsylvania and raised in Oregon, ZZ grew up listening to her Dad write and sing the blues. "I fell in love with the sincerity of Etta, the soul of Muddy and the power of Big Mama," she writes on Facebook. As a teenager she got infatuated with hip hop music and now she combines both blues and modern-day hip hop to create her own brew of music. Look out for the release of ZZ's mixtape "Eleven Roses" this week. (Download MP3)

November 20, 2011 | Permalink