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The Daily Crunch: Madonna, Rihanna, Pink, Mandy Moore, Theophilius London


 Madonna's “Give Me All Your Love” Lyrics Revealed
 Rihanna Shows Off New Album Promo Shots
 P!nk & Willow Sage Are Shady Characters In SoCal
 Video: Foster the People's 'Call It What You Want'
 Mandy Moore's "Candy" Gets A Pop Up Video 
 Nicole Scherzinger Calls Herself 'Ruthless' and 'Selfish' 
 Cynthia and Charlie By Aleksandar Tomovic
 OMG BLog Has A Safe Guide to Social Media 
 Sarah Jessica Parker Wore A Silly Hat 
 Theophilus London’s 70s Style Featured In GQ
 Check Out A Futuristic Water Jug 
 Angry Birds Soars Beyond Half a Billion Downloads 
 Listen: Amy Winehouse feat. Nas "Like Smoke" 
 Odd Future's The Internet Releases New Video 
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