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[NEWS] Dev To Release Debut Album on January 10, Talks Exclusively with Arjan


Dev announced today that her much-anticipated debut album "The Night The Sun Came Up" will officially drop on January 10, 2012.

In an exclusive interview with ArjanWrites.com this morning, Dev explains that the reason for pushing the release of the album to January is to keep the focus on her single "In The Dark" to give it more time to mature on radio. The extra time will also allow her to write and record a few new tracks that reflect her life as it is now. Dev is pregnant of a baby girl and she's expecting at the end of the year.

"It's bittersweet," she tells me. "I didn't want any of my fans to be upset (. . .) But letting "In The Dark" grow a little bit would be a positive thing for the album and I knew that being able to add more records would be good for the fans as well especially because I can't really perform right now."

Signed to Universal Republic, Dev has had an incredible year and is fully coming into her own as the next big pop icon to watch. Her debut album "The Night The Sun Came Up" includes hit tracks "Bass Down Low" and "In The Dark" that was certified gold and is climbing up the Billboard charts. The video for "In The Dark" received 24 millions views to date.

Read my entire interview Dev after the break.

Congratulations on having such an incredible and successful year. Lots of exciting things are happening for you both personally and professionally.
It's been crazy. We've recorded the album, toured with User and I've a baby on the way. It's pretty much as eventful as it could be. And now with "In The Dark" really taking off, it's all very exciting. Especially for myself because "G6" was cool, but "In The Dark" is my own song. So yeah, it's been really cool.

So the album was pushed back in September to give "In The Dark" more time to mature. What's the latest on the release date?
I recently met with the team and we decided that January 10 is going to be the official release date for the album. It was a little hard to change it and I didn't want any of my fans to be upset but I knew that letting "In The Dark" grow a little bit would be a positive thing for the album and I knew that being able to add more records would be good for the fans as well - especially because I can't really perform right now given that I'm seven and a half month pregnant. So it is kind of bittersweet. Even though they have to wait a few more months hopefully the outcome will be amazing.

Did the pregnancy impact the decision? 
Letting "In The Dark" mature and add a few more records is the most important reason for pushing it back, but personally, that was another big reason. Dropping [the album] in September or November wouldn't have allowed me to play any shows for almost a year you know because I have to finish the pregnancy and then have the baby. So now I'm going to have a little bit more time, which is only going to be good I think and it means a lot to me because I would like to be able to perform and give good shows for the album because I think it deserves that.

You have gone back into the studio to record new tracks. Stylistically what should fans expect from the new songs you're recording.
Recently, The Cataracs and I went back into the studio right before they left for Brazil to record their album, and we made a couple of new tracks. I like to call them big sisters to "In The Dark," more mature sounding but similar to "In The Dark" where I feel I am most comfortable right now. They are some really personal tracks as well, which is important for me to add because I'm in this new place in my life. It's important for me to share that.

You're such a style icon. With your belly growing bigger has it been challenging to dress as fabulously as you usually do? 
Ha! It's so funny. It's actually harder than I thought it would be because I'm starting to hit the part now where I'm really uncomfortable all the time and you don't want to look cute. But I'm really fortunate that I can shop at the places that I have or even ask [my stylist] to help so I actually do look like a cute pregnant girl and not like such a hot mess I think. [laughs]

How has the support been from Indie Pop and The Cataracs? I'm sure they are super happy for you.
They have been great! It's great to see them react in the ways that they have. It's so cute, they're so loving. It's been great having their support. They're all like my brothers. I think they're planning a baby shower for me here in Los Angeles. It's cute. They're such dudes!


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