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[FRESH NEW] Eskay "Electric Love" (featuring Baby G)


Whoever thought that music in Detroit had lost it way after the heydays of Motown Records, techno house and garage rock better think again. The pop world is about to get stormed by a slew of talented Detroit natives including newcomers like Porcelain Black, JMSN and Rai Knight. All these artists are loud and proud about Detroit, and they're helping to rebrand the city as a breeding ground for raw new talent.

An other promising new Detroit act to add to the list of newcomers is Eskay. He has been writing and producing for acts like Christian TV and Rocky Loves Emily but he's is now getting ready to go at it solo with his brand-new tune "Electric Love" that features his pal, MC Baby G. The song is out on iTunes now and is taken from his forthcoming new LP "Contagious" that will be released on November 8.

By tastefully using just the right amount of AutoTune and liberally applying silky synths, the radio-ready "Electric Love" is a hyper-melodic and instantly catchy pop tune that fans of Owl City and Go Periscope will immediately appreciate. The song not only shows off Eskay's knack for serving up potent and infectious pop melodies but also his production savvy. 

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