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[GIG REVIEW] Chart-Topping LMFAO Party Rocks The Stage In Atlanta

LMFAO at Cherrytree London in June

Riding into the fifth consecutive week with the number one song on the Billboard Hot 100 pop chart, LMFAO just wants to see the whole country "Party Rock" by joining the second leg of Ke$ha’s Get Sleazy tour as a special guest. With their first stop in Atlanta this weekend, thousands of raving fans eagerly awaited the duo's performance with plastic cups, shot glasses and signs to give them the rockin' Southern hospitality they needed to start the tour with a bang. 

As the lights cut, the energy from the crowd erupted as dancers made their way onto the stage rocking out to a dubstep mixed track with futuristic, illuminating masks that was reminiscent of the movie Tron.

Filled with flips and acrobatics, some recognized the dancers as Quest Crew from MTV's American Best Dance Crew. After a hyped introduction from their DJ, LMFAO's Redfoo and SkyBlu hit the stage in their trademark zebra print and shiny pants, starting the night off their pre-aplogy "Sorry For The Party Rocking."

Right from the beginning of the first song, not a single soul was sitting down and the entire arena was fully ready to party with LMFAO all night. With lights flashing and the crowd dancing, LMFAO performed with inflatable palm trees, zebras and endless amounts of neon-colored beer funnels while performing tracks like "Get Crazy" and "Take It The Hole."  

However, LMFAO's crew added some sexiness to the party while performing "Put That A$$ To Work," putting dancers to work while wearing tightly fitted aerobics clothing. The sexiness didn’t stop there though -- performing their hit "I'm in Miami Trick" and "Sexy And I Know It" the stage was transformed to fun-in-the-sun with bikinis, super soakers, robots and palm tree humping everywhere. 

After all the partying and dancing, it was time to slow it down a bit, as the duo dimmed the lights to perform "One Day," "La La La" and "Yes."

While confetti and smoke guns filled the air during the performances, the more intimate songs with keytar and talkbox not only gave fans a chance to cool off, but also showed off the group's more serious side.

However, it was evident this cool down period was needed, because once the lights flashed and the first chord of the country’s number one song "Party Rock Anthem" was played, the fans were stirred ina wild frenzy. As the Quest Crew joined the duo back on stage, the smash hit was accompanied with a funny and impressive dance choreography.  

Not taking any chance of slowing the party down, giant champagne bottles were brought on stage to shower the crowd in confetti as "Champagne Showers" blasted through the speaker systems and gave the audience one of the most exciting moments of the night.  

Performing hit after hit, the audience mustered the last bit of energy they had as the heavy bass and synths kicked in to begin LMFAO’s final song "Shots."  With trampolines brought onto stage, LMFAO and Quest Crew gave a high flying high energy performance until they all lined up to bow to a standing ovation throughout the whole arena.  

However, in Party Rock fashion, the party wasn’t done. While the performance looked like it had came to a close, the lights flashed and the bass bumped one more time as the duo, dancers, and audience went ballistic for one more chorus on "Shots."  Thanking the audience for coming to see them on their first night of tour, LMFAO put on a Party Rock performance many fans will not forget, and certainly weren’t sorry about it.  (Article contributed by ArjanWrites.com writer Jason Weintraub. You can reach Jason at @jrthewriter on Twitter.)

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