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[NEWS] Beyonce Adores Her Gay Fans


While some pop stars have been very vocal in their support for the LGBT community and their human rights, Beyonce has been more subtle in her support. Staying away from headline-grabbing politics and activism, Beyonce explains in a candid interview with Michigan gay mag Pride Source that she aims to inspire young LGBT people by providing them with confidence through her music, work ethic and setting an example for them.

The always classy megastar explains that she has always felt a strong connection with her gay fans. "Most of my audience is actually women and my gay fans, and I’ve seen a lot of the younger boys kind of grow up to my music. It’s great when I’m able to do the meet and greets, because I’m able to really connect and have conversations," she eplains, truly caring about her gay and lesbian fans.

"People look at some of the artists that I admire – like Diana Ross and Cher – and they identity that glamour with Sasha Fierce, and I’ve been really inspired by the language, she adds. 

The entertainer talks specfically about the song "I Was Here" that is featured on her new album "4," and how gay fans may relate to it. "I hope that I’ve given them confidence [with "I Was Here"], and I hope that I've given them inspiration. I just want everyone to become a better person, and I hope that when they see me perform they can live out their fantasies and see my work ethic and apply it to their lives and be confident and proud."

"If they’re bootylicious, be proud 0whoever they are, be proud. On this album, I really focused on making people feel good and feel love and know that there is love out there and goodness exists. I wanted to make a body of work that took risks – to be brave and be myself, and not focus on being cool."

Read the entire interview on the Pride Source web site.

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