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Exclusive Details on Frankmusik's New Album


Frankmusik may have been quiet, but he sure hasn't been slacking. After he became an instant sensation among bloggers and pop fans worldwide with his debut album "Complete Me," Frankmusik (aka Vince Frank) decided not to rush into a new project, but take the time to finetune his songwriting and production skills.

This past weekend, I caught up with Vince for a few hours in his Hollywood studio ("the bunker") to hear what he has been up to for the past year. And I can assure fans that his new work will be worth the wait. He's on fire and he is eager to get it out to the masses.

Driven by his lasersharp focus, solid work ethic and tireless ambition to succeed, his new music is produced more tightly around one single idea with less room for filters, layers and other soundboard wizardry that marked "Complete Me, and left him anxious to grow as a producer and do something new and different.

After recording with a few different producers per the direction of Island Records, Vince felt that he needed to rejuvenate his creative process and start out completely fresh. He packed up his bags and moved out to Los Angeles to tap into the burgeoning pop scene and the good vibes that come along with the sunny California lifestyle.

Frankmusik built his own studio where he has been diligently working on new material. Guided by Cherrytree Records founder Martin Kierszenbaum, he has developed a focus and musical direction that is very, very exciting. Kierszenbaum has also assigned him to collaborate with other Cherrytree Records acts, including Far East Movement and Colette Carr (who he would like turn into a female version of Frankmusik).

Fully committed to making fresh new music and paced by Kierzenbaum's expectations, Vince has been on a creative roll for the past few months. He has cranked out dozens and dozens of new songs that he let me listen to.

Most of these songs are not finished and still need to be mastered to completion. In fact, he recently partnered with young Montreal producer Billboard who is mostly known for his work with Dr Luke on Ke$ha's album. Billboard will be putting the final touches on many of Frankmusik's songs.

So what about Frankmusik's new sound?

Think of Vince's new music as more polished, more focused and more to point. The new cuts are still very him - featuring lots of falsettos, massive middle eights and instantly catchy melodies that define the Frankmusik brand. But the music sounds tighter, and dare I say, more American.

This is not a British electro-pop project, this is a full-scale American pop effort.

Some of the highlight tracks for me include "The Fear Inside" (co-written with Martin Kierszenbaum) that will be released as a viral video over the next few weeks, and will be the first introduction to the new material. It is a track that will have Frankmusik fans sit up and listen. It sounds decidedly different with its driving, menacing bassline, and punctuating beat that are programmed around a stomping chorus. It's a jam that will grow on you the more and more you hear it. I love it.

Other highlights include "We Collide" (featuring a massive chorus once again - Vince's speciality), the urban grind of "Heart On My Sleave," the club groove of "Breaklights" and "Tear Me Down" that once again is dominated by an irresistible hook in the chorus.

He also let me hear the songs that he has written for Joe Jonas' forthcoming solo album, which make the Jo Bro sound like the new king of disco-pop. Dynamite stuff. Vince also played a track he wrote for none other than Nelly Furtado, titled "Don't Leave Me," a gorgeous ballad with a cinematic quality to it. Unfortunately, Nelly ended up not selecting that track for her album. Vince did however produce a remix for her new single "Night Is Young" that should come out very soon.

No release dates have been set for Vince's new album. But expect Frankmusik tracks to hit virally over the months to come, all building up to an album release that could easily be one of the most noteworthy pop efforts of 2011.

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