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Free MP3 Download: Lady GaGa "Bad Romance" (Dangerous Muse's Match In The Gas Tank Remix)


My pals of Dangerous Muse put a whole new spin on Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance," a track that just keeps on giving. On their throbbing "Match In The Gas Tank" remix, Tom and Mike re-packacked the upbeat pop-electro original with a dirtier, darker vibe that perfectly fits the hang-over that follows a bad romance. With a match stick about to light up the situation, the dancefloor tension captured on this remix is palpable.

"This perfect mix resulted from a tip-off by the GBH.tv’s Tom Dunkley, who also throws some of the best parties in New York," Dangerous Muse's Mike Furey explains. "Dunkley mentioned that Gaga's record company was looking for remixes of 'Bad Romance' for blogs and wanted us to do one."

"DM got the parts, started writing some beats, I then sang the melody to hear how it would sound in context. Not knowing the words, so I improvised. The name,'"Match in the Gas Tank,' is an allusion to the old song, 'Shave and a Hair-cut, two bits.' You know, that familiar phrase that one person starts and the other one can't resist completing -- just like a bad romance."

Lady GaGa "Bad Romance" (Dangerous Muse Remix)

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Love this mix. Jammin it right now. Thanks!

Posted by: Rhode Island DUI lawyer at Jan 27, 2010 12:27:56 PM

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