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Listen to Apollo Zero's George Michael-Robin Thicke Mash Up


Who ever knew that George Michael and Robin Thicke would be so compatible?

Mash up artist Apollo Zero combined George Michael's '80s hit ballad "Careless Whisper" with Robin Thicke's more recent hit "Lost Without U" to create a new brew, titled "Lost Without Careless Whisper."

The result is a near-flawless teaming of the two balladeers. It's pretty amazing how well in tune they are, especially in the first half of the song.

Apollo Zello tells AudioPornCentral about producing the track. "(. . .) I knew the track had to stay a ballad, so what to do? Most of my boots are new school meets old school and in keeping with that I came across the instrumental of George Michael's Careless Whisper. I heard a few similarites in my head of the two tracks, but Robin had to be phrased a bit differently to work," the mash up artist explains.

"I knew it was going to need some serious vocal stretching, cutting and pasting to make it sound right (. . .) It amazes me how well they work and vibe together and it also makes you realize why we dont see many bootleg ballads!"

Get Apollo Zero "Lost Without Careless Whisper"

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except that the acapella seems to operate on its own tempo altogether. c'mon mate you're better than that....

Posted by: at Sep 21, 2007 5:42:41 AM

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