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Last Days of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes


VH1 premiered their much-anticipated documentary about the last days of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes this weekend. The TLC singer died in a car crash in 2002 while filming her own documentary about her life in Honduras. Despite TLC's demise after Lopes' death, the Atlanta threesome still remains one of the most successful female groups in music history known for their chart-topping hits with a socially conscientious message.

VH1 put together one of their crafty-titled "rockumentaries" that chronicles Lopes' successful musical career and turbulent personal life leading up to her tragic death. The program's producers let Lopes tell her own story by switching between classic TLC moments, raw footage from Lopes' own unfinished Honduras documentary and The Real World type confessionals that were also part of Lopes' original film.

I always thought of Lisa Lopes as an uptight brat (sorry fans), but in this new documentary she turns out to be a kind, pensive and very spiritual person who is wise beyond her years. I understand now how she still inspires many who adored her throughout her career.

The documentary reveals the anxiety that plagued Lopes throughout her life and often led to her much-publicized erratic behavior such as setting her boyfriend's home on fire in 1994 and not showing up for important TLC press engagements in 2001.

Her inner turmoil seemed to intensify in the weeks and days leading up to her death. Lopes is convinced that bad spirits are haunting her and want to take her life. In the candid confessional footage, she talks about the nightmares she has about dying at a young age.

There are other eerie moments wrapped in mystery. Days before her death, the artist's premonition about her death is strengthened when her car accidentally hits a young boy who dies soon after the accident. Lopes is convinced that "the spirits" had it wrong and were actually out to take her life. The fact that the boy's last name was Lopes only adds fuel to her belief.

Throughout the Honduras footage, Lopez continues to talk about the topic of death. She doesn't like to call it death and rather talks about "transformation." As she describes on her 2002 song "A Star Is Born," Lopes subscribes to the belief that with every passing on earth a new star is born.

The most disturbing moment comes when the documentary shows footage of the actual last seconds of Lopes' life. One member of her entourage is sitting in the front passenger seat while filming Lopes seconds before the car crash. The film shows Lopes losing control of the steering wheel that makes the SUV slid off the road. Screaming follows. Then the film goes to black.

I'm surprised this footage has not come out earlier, but now that it has, VH1 has done an excellent job of putting it into the right context without sensationalizing it.

You can watch some clips of the documentary on VH1 V-Spot. Also, listen to Lisa Lopes' "A Star Is Born" that is oddly connected to her passing. It is taken from her 2002 solo album "Supernova" that was never released in the United States. "The Last Days of Lisa Lopes' repeats on VH1 on Monday, May 28 at 10pm ET.

Watch clips of the VH1 documentary on V-Spot
Watch Lisa Lopez "A Star Is Born"

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Posted by: Jillian at Jun 16, 2007 7:58:29 PM

I just saw the documentary for the first time on VH1 last night.It emotionally touched me to the point that I felt like I knew her and have known her all my life. Everyone else saw Left Eye but I saw Lisa and what I heard was a spiritual song cry for healing of a broken heart. You never know how much a person touches you until your faced with a mirror and realize you relate to a person because that person is you! I admire her and I pray that she received the peace she searched so hard for.

Posted by: jazzie at Jul 2, 2007 10:06:47 AM

I saw the documentary two nights ago and felt sad for her.....Lisa really had issues and was constantly battling inner demons...it takes great courage to share that with the world when you are famous. The end of the documentary shocked me......I went back to the footage before the crash because the newspaper reported she was speeding...which she wasn't and that she was wearing her seatbelt....Lisa wasn't wearing a seatbelt....it made me realise how important seatbelts are.....we all will miss Lisa and her contributions to the music industry and to the poor children of Honduras. May that SuperNova rest in peace.

Posted by: Liz at Jul 3, 2007 1:18:50 PM

When i saw her on TV last night i was moved by her words.It seems she was on a journey in a spiritual world .She believed in great things an having them in fullest an now she is with the Father resting an she will enjoy great things in heaven as it was her dream may Lisa rest in peace .

Posted by: p n d at Jul 5, 2007 9:54:12 PM

after viewing "Last Days Of Levt Eye", I initially realize how short and precious life is. I felt her pain because I too battle some SERIOUS inner demons and I too xometimes feel that they're presence tries to hant me. A lot of people feel the Lisa was crazy but not mr. I feel that like me, Lisa was going through life and she shared that and so much more in "Last Days Of Left Eye:.

Posted by: shawty2007 at Jul 6, 2007 12:38:22 PM

after viewing "Last Days Of Levt Eye", I initially realize how short and precious life is. I felt her pain because I too battle some SERIOUS inner demons and I too xometimes feel that they're presence tries to hant me. A lot of people feel the Lisa was crazy but not mr. I feel that like me, Lisa was going through life and she shared that and so much more in "Last Days Of Left Eye:.

Posted by: shawty2007 at Jul 6, 2007 12:38:24 PM

I watched the "Last Days Of Left Eye" documentary and I've gotta say that I think that it is so messed up that people would assume you to be 'crazy' or excentric' just because you're misunderstood and are trying to find the path to peace and tranquility. In "Last Days Of Left Eye" I seen how Lisa battled with her inner demons, which were 'riding her back' up until her death. I understood what Lisa was going through because I too struggle with some CRAZY inner demons. Let it be known that Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes wasn't insane but she was searching 4 a path out of all the tormoil. Let it be also known that everyone has struggles in which we must face and ultimately conquer in order to get on the path to joy and everlasting peace from the Almighty God. All of us will have to someday make our own "transformations". Lisa has done that and hopefully she's found that peace that she had been deprived of here on Earth. no one is promised tomorrow. RIP Left Eye

Posted by: lilnigga07 at Jul 6, 2007 12:57:36 PM

left eye was the rap star on the earth. I was sadden when I heard that she had died in a car accientent. I love and will always love Lisa Left Eye Lopes. RIP LEFT EYE

Posted by: Hottie69er at Jul 12, 2007 9:50:22 PM

got to get better in a little while

Posted by: at Aug 17, 2007 1:10:57 PM

where is report abuse site would you like to hear ahead of time my victim impact statement.well besides known crimes which are relly the lesser in this case ,

Posted by: at Aug 17, 2007 1:15:42 PM

this truly reminded me of lauryn hill, that seeeking spiritual fulfilment is necessary in ones life and those who are ignorant might confuse that with crazyness

Posted by: lolo at Aug 20, 2007 3:29:16 AM

lisa "left eye" lopez was my favortie member of TlC. I was so sadden when I heard of her death. She truly is a star in Haven. RIP LEFT EYE

Posted by: lilmissgansta at Aug 24, 2007 1:06:27 AM

my name is tasia and i loved lisa lopez and tlc when i saw there videos and the last days of lisa lopez i cryed my tears out good thing they had videos and interviews of her so all of america can remember her she was a very very very beautiful girl she had talent and all she wanted to do was explore and be a singer i wish tlc would stil be together but the music and videos wouldnt be the same with out her we love and miss you lisa lopez- left eye we will never forget you you had a gift from god and he will not regret that gift i love you lisa lopez from the top and bottom of my heart i will be a singer like hoj o and by the way im only 10 but i want to be just like you look like you sing like you we all do and im hoping ill get a chance to do that i god lets my well as i speack r.i.p. lisa WE LOVE YOU AND ONLY YOU


Posted by: tasia at Sep 3, 2007 3:24:26 PM

yo in the past when i heard left eye passed away i just shrugged it off but after watchin the vh1 special i cried cause she was dealing with alot of things and i would personally like to say rest in peace lisa lopez and as long as im here your gonna live on thru me

niko harris(hopewell virginia)

Posted by: Niko at Oct 18, 2007 11:47:17 AM

I miss lleft eye so so much. i love her music and she was a good person to young women and other RIP LEFT we still love and we will miss you and much more

Posted by: Tamerra at Jan 17, 2008 6:34:29 PM

I miss lleft eye so so much. i love her music and she was a good person to young women and other RIP LEFT we still love and we will miss you and much more

Posted by: Tamerra at Jan 17, 2008 6:34:32 PM


Posted by: BIANCA at May 14, 2008 9:09:18 AM

i missed it and my brothers saw it and i wanted to see it so so so so badly cause i feel for her and wish i had saw it i hope it comes out on dvd

p.i.p lisa 'left eye' lopez

Posted by: nierra at Jul 12, 2008 2:38:06 AM

Did anybody know that a new Left Eye album is coming out soon? It will feature artists such as Tupac, Missy, Lil Mama and more. It comes out Jan 27th 2009 and its gonna be hottt!!!!

Posted by: V at Oct 29, 2008 2:07:42 PM

all the times i would just think about the good times we had with are best friend left eye but she went to her father so soon we wish we could have more good times with you well rest in peace are angle
lesa lopes

Posted by: delaree at Jan 28, 2009 4:29:53 PM

Man omg I can't belive she is gone when I wuz a little boy I really dident understand y did she had 2 go (cryen) lisa lefteye nicole was not crazy she was beautiful and full of kindness u wud have 2 really understand her 2 see her kindness omg dear sweet sweet lisa I cry er day lk u my sister or somthing I cry 4 t-boz n chilli and 4 aaliyah ugh I can't get it off my mind todays date is march 3,2009 and u died in 2002 I cryed 4 7 years I love you lisa ppl think im a gay boy because I have photos of u n my phone I wish that u cud live 2 c the new artits and b with yo family I wish yo dad wuz here on earth with u again I wish that erthing fade away 4 my dear sweet sweet lisa omg lisa I cry all the time 4 u im only 14 years old and I still listen 2 your music I love u lisa I really do I wish when I die I can meet you and aaliyah some days I wish I wuz sycic so I cud have told u 2 don't drive at all and tell aaliyah don't get on the plain I need 2 go love u lisa lopes and aaliyah baby girls of heven I love yall I pray 4 yall all the time lisa n aaliyah ( u wuz rite lisa a new star is born and its u and aaliyah yall wuz took off earth so the star cud retrancefermate and blow up bigg scencerly deanthony wyane chaney my#404-789-0560

Posted by: lisalopesbestfriend at Mar 2, 2009 10:26:44 PM

Me again well let me tell u about this group called Dee n bow they album is called swagg em out its so cool lisa but I kw this comment is about u but let me tell u now I love you lisa so much R.I.P
Copy 2009 lisa fan#1.com

Posted by: deanthonychaney@lisalopes#1fan.com at Mar 2, 2009 10:36:34 PM

Hi im rainbow mitchell from soon 2 b group dee n bow I love lisa lopes n tlc I love yall so much but I gotta go r.I.p lisa and my nefew deanthony loves you so much

Facts about me
Name:rainbow mitchell
Group:Dee n Bow
From:atlanta Ga.
Live now in:decatur georgia
R.I.p.lisa lopez.

Posted by: rainbow mitchell at Mar 2, 2009 10:41:58 PM

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