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Free Download: Boogaloo Stu "Just Want You To Know"


Some artists eat, sleep and breathe the '80s. Boogaloo Stu is one of those people who shameless and  successfully embraces the spirit and sound of the '80s with his poptastic tunes and frilly presentation.

Boogaloo Stu is a self-proclaimed "showbiz multi-tasker" who "exists to turn the humdrum into a fantasia of flashy frivolity, a symphony of glittering dreamy decadence," according to his biography. The eccentric chameleon works as a singer, designer, dancer, writer, illustrator, DJ and cartoonist. His career started at age 19 when he launched his own fashion label. His knits were scooped up by hip boutiques around the world and was worn by people like Kylie Minogue, Mariah Carey and Bjork.

His Boogaloo Stu act was born at Dynamite Boogaloo, a Brighton nightclub that takes its name from the lines of the song "Dance Yourself Dizzy" by Liquid Gold. The party of "freaks and eccentrics" led to several DJ opportunities for Stu in London, which made him one of the most popular spinmeisters in the alternative clubbing circuit.

Stu released his first album "The Glambassador" in 2004  He is currently preparing the release of his second album "Enough About You... Let's Talk About Me" that is scheduled to hit stores in July.

"Just Want You To Know" is a teaser of the sound to come."I'm aware that people might think I'm influenced by Goldfrapp and the like - but actually I'm just influenced by their points of reference - early Human League, T-Rex, The Associates, Roxy Music - the music I heard as a nipper - and now that I have more control, this new album is all about the music I loved back then," he says. (Thanks to Telefunc Record for allowing me to share this track.)

Download Boogaloo Stu "Just Want You To Know" [MP3]

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against my better judgment- I really like this ;-) halfway between a guy doing karaoke on 'k' and Taco...

Posted by: James Derek dwyer at May 11, 2007 9:57:44 AM

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