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Moment of Zen with Cyndi Lauper


"You gotta let people be who they are. You can't point the finger at other people and tell them how to be. That's such a big thing right now. You gotta look into your own heart and make sure you walk your path the way you are supposed to. Make sure that you are doing something, make sure you are contributing. If you're pissed off at somebody for something, it is because there is something in you that is just like that and that's what's pissing you off. People shouldn't be forced to come out at all. People have to walk their own path. They can't be forced to do anything. Everybody should walk their own path and by your walk you might inspire others to walk along with you."

- Cyndi Lauper tells Arjan about the outing of (alleged) gay artists and celebrities in the media recently.

May 11, 2007 in Interviews | Permalink


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Yay, Cyndi! Any chance of a larger version of the photo? She looks amazing.

Posted by: Paulo at May 11, 2007 4:04:02 PM

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