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New Robbie Williams Promo Movie

Robbie Williams is going viral with the short movie series Saying Goodbye to the Normals to market the release of his new album "Rudebox." The movie was released on YouTube and on this web site.  It's part of a Robbie Williams short films project and will also be screened on Channel 4 in the U.K. this weekend and next week. So more episodes are going to follow to make sense of it all, but this first installment is pretty funny. Is the story perhaps a metaphor of the singer wanting to finally conquer America? The clip features Williams' tune "Burslem Normals." (Thanks to Jon for the heads up.)

December 1, 2006 in Video Streams | Permalink


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oh my gawd...that was awesome.
i love that kid...he's so good!

"i made you a sandwich"
"is it free trade?"
"it's organic"
"is that what i asked?"

...."i forgot my fucking passport!"

Posted by: wonderbug at Dec 1, 2006 8:06:12 AM

How hilarious is this?! I love Robbie, and still think it's a shame that Americans have missed such the opportunity to enjoy such a great entertainer. I also think he (or his team) come up with really interesting ways of promoting him and his music (like these short films). And I don't care what others have said, I think his 'Rudebox' album is great!

Posted by: HiC at Dec 4, 2006 3:28:22 PM

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