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Free Download: Shiny Toy Guns "Starts With One"


I have another hot one for ya! Check out a track by '80s inspired electro-rock outfit Shiny Toy Guns that I have featured in one of my "Hot New Talent Alerts" before. Many of you will know the band's "Le Disco" that is pretty good, but not as representive of their overall sound. In fact, "Starts With One" will give you a much better feel of what the band stands for.

The song is not new because it was first featured on their album "We Are Pilots" that they independently released in 2005. However, that record was remastered and will be released by Universal Motown on October 17 with a few new songs added.

I'm thrilled that a major label is getting behind a band that brings a fresh sound to the rock and hip hop dominated music scene. You know that it starts with one and the rest will follow. Bands like Stefy and The Modern/Matinee Club could easily ride Shiny Toy Guns' coattails.

Download Shiny Toy Guns "Starts With One" [MP3]

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LOVE IT! Thanks for the info.

Posted by: Jordy at Sep 15, 2006 2:14:49 PM

Hmm, doesn't sound much like Paris Hilton!

Posted by: Jessica at Sep 16, 2006 9:31:20 AM

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Posted by: jay at Sep 18, 2006 7:47:11 AM

I hate you how could you not like paris hilton at all you fucken bitch asshole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by: jessica at Sep 28, 2006 5:26:06 PM



*ALL POINTS OUT ALERT TO PARENTS AND ANYONE AND EVERYONE! SHINY TOY GUNS music band, and it's members: CARAH FAYE CHARNOW, JEREMY DAWSON, MIKEY MARTIN, GREGORI CHAD PETREE, are now switching their MODE OF COMMUNICATION WITH UNDERAGE KIDS to CELLPHONES/MOBILE DEVICES. I had a mobil website for my site www.dalenadubois.com back in August of 2006 and I publicized this fact on all my artist websites - DALENA DUBOIS MOBIL WEB - THIS SHINY TOY GUNS band follows everything I do... and the band then came up with a new method of continuing with their PEDOPHILIA, LIES, DECEPTION, AND FRAUD with underage kids and others by posting on their website, www.shinytoyguns.com (which they now have up and running again - they took down the site several months ago)that they are now communicating with MINORS VIA CELLPHONE/MOBILE devices VIA TEXT MESSAGING, and other mobil device methods. THE BAND STATED FOR THE PAST MONTH on myspace.com in the headline section that MOBIL EYES TOGETHER, TAKING LIVES... was their new onslaught to the public... TAKING LIVES INDEED! BE CAREFUL.. THESE PEOPLE ARE FRAUDS, LIARS, THEY STEAL FROM OTHER ARTISTS, THEY ARE INVOLVED IN A FORM OF OCCULT MIND CONTROL, THEY ARE PEDOPHILES, THEY ABUSE GIRLS/WOMEN mentally, emotionally, sexually, and they ARE UP TO NO GOOD! They should have been arrested and STOPPED months ago! BE WARNED... WHAT I SAY IS THE TRUTH... SHINY TOY GUNS are now using cellphones and mobil devices TO REACH THESE KIDS/FANS - their record companies in the USA AND UK are financing this CRIMINAL BEHAVIOUR... this is not harmless interactions with MINORS by this band - THEY PLAY HEAD GAMES WITH KIDS/GIRLS/WOMEN and boys/men... THEY ARE EVIL... and up to NO GOOD.. believe what I say, it is the TRUTH... the band and their record companies have licensed out several of their songs to television programs aimed at A YOUNG TEEN AUDIENCE. ONE TREE HILL, and other programs. REMEMBER I TOLD YOU SO... watch these people. THEY ARE A VERY DARK AND EVIL ENTITY - THEY ARE NOT THE NICE PEOPLE THAT THEY APPEAR TO BE WHEN YOU MEET THEM... they have an agenda that is UNWHOLESOME, DESTRUCTIVE, AND ABUSIVE, THEY ARE LIARS, THIEVES, AND FRAUDS, AND PEDOPHILES! I SPEAK THE TRUTH! THEY ARE INVOLVED IN PROSTITUTION, AND DECEPTION. THIS IS THE TRUTH! Their music may seem harmless but it is not... I AM A PRODUCER, I KNOW WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT... I WAS USING A RECORDING STUDIO DOWN THE HALL FROM THIS BAND IN DECEMBER/JANUARY OF 2005/2006 IN NEW YORK CITY AND WITNESSED AND EXPERIENCED WHAT THESE PEOPLE ARE ALL ABOUT, AND WHAT THEY ARE UP TO... IT IS NOT GOOD... BE WARNED, I SPEAK THE TRUTH! I KEEP WONDERING WHEN THE POLICE/F.B.I are going to arrest these people and prosecute not only THEM but the record companies that are involved with financing and promoting this band and it's members.... soon I hope... before things get out of control... THINGS ARE ALREADY GETTING OUT OF CONTROL WITH SHINY TOY GUNS... remember I told you so! KEEP WATCHING WHAT HAPPENS WITH THIS BAND AND IT'S MEMBERS AND THEIR RECORD COMPANIES.
I had stated on October 4th, 2006 that CARAH FAYE CHARNOW had banged the drummer for GUNS N ROSES - TOMMY LEE - that was a FREUDIAN SLIP - Tommy Lee was with MOTLEY CRUE... SO IT WAS TOMMY LEE the drummer who was with MOTLEY CRUE (I was never a fan of either band) AND... I HAVE COME UP WITH THE PERFECT ROCK BAND FOR 2006/2007 - this would SELL....
AXEL ROSE on lead vocals, TOMMY LEE ON DRUMS, CARAH FAYE CHARNOW on lead vocals (she could work out vocals parts with AXEL on SWEET CHILD O MINE) but the guys would have to be able to MORPH into that LITTLE GIRL sex role play thing that CARAH FAYE CHARNOW LOVES, to get her turned on (she likes hearing the guy she's banging use a LITTLE GIRL VOICE, AND PRETEND THAT HE IS A LITTLE GIRL, AND TALK DIRTY TO HER... it gets her VERY WET!- so Carah has professed herself in comments on her current bands website) CARAH FAYE CHARNOW will probably go down in history as the MUSIC VOCAL HOE OF 2006/2007 SHE HAS ALREADY BROKEN THE RECORD for FEMALE VOCALIST WHO HAS LAID HER VOICE INTO THE MOST NUMBER OF OTHER BANDS CD's - she's already done vocals for PARIS HILTON, and the band EPITAPH, and several other bands in 2006 - and she also did vocals for a CD that was a GOTH tribute CD to PRINCE (Carah DID A COVER OF THE SONG, NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU) Carah did the vocal on that song in February of 2006 after she had come back from Los Angeles after having done vocal work for Paris Hilton and Epitaph. SHINY TOY GUNS had just fired Carah, and Mikey Martin the drummer for SHINY TOY GUNS who was banging her had started banging someone else in New York... a 20 year old mentally screwed up aspiring folk singer, and Mikey Martin had also asked me to marry him at that time (I declined his offer of marriage and his offer to replace Carah in the band SHINY TOY GUNS in January)... SO CARAH ENDED UP BANGING MIKEY MARTIN and the other guys in SHINY TOY GUNS so she could stay in their band... and she also did vocals for the song NOTHING COMPARES TO YOU... in an attempt to KEEP MIKEY MARTIN... and the band from FIRING HER in New York... SO CONTINUING WITH THE NEW GUNS N ROSES BAND LINE-UP... Carah Faye Charnow could be the LEAD FEMALE HOT HOE... I'm sure Tommy Lee and Axel could KEEP HER NICE AND WET! AND... why not bring in that 20 year old folk singer from New York who likes RIDING BAD BOYS that Mikey Martin was BANGING WHILE HE WAS ALSO BANGING CARAH FAYE CHARNOW... and add her to the line-up and since CARAH FAYE CHARNOW IS BI-SEXUAL and I am sure wanted to bang that girl from New York that Mikey Martin was banging back in February, WELL..I think that we have the makings of a really HOT and WET BAND! CARAH WOULD BE SUPER TURNED ON AND READY TO ROCK N ROLL!... so bring in this FOLK SINGER FROM NEW YORK for backing vocals... and she can also bounce around on stage with the band... so we now have TWO HOT MUSIC HOES... A ROCK BAND SHOULD ALWAYS HAVE AT LEAST ONE HOT MUSIC HOE, BUT TWO IS BETTER... IT MAKES THE BAND MUCH MORE MARKET WORTHY! and for bass player, and lead guitar... well no one really cares... this new GUNS N ROSES band will rely heavily on AXEL, TOMMY LEE, AND CARAH FAYE CHARNOW, TO SELL ITSELF... plus.. Carah Faye Charnow already has all the GUNS N ROSES TATTOOED ON HER BODY! VOILA... this line-up would SELL, BIG TIME! GO FOR IT GUYS N GALS... THE NEW GUNS N ROSES... oh... as a GRAND FINALE... AXEL ROSE AND TOMMY HILFIGGER (WHATEVER THE HELL HIS NAME IS!) could engage in a BOXING MATCH... with Tommy Lee on drums/cymbals and the MUSIC HOES, Carah and the other girl cheering them on complete with pom-poms! ROCK N BOX - THE ULIMATE..show... and after AXEL goes a few rounds, CARAH FAYE CHARNOW can take on SOME HOT MUSIC HOE... every concert would feature a guest boxer for AXEL, and one for CARAH FAYE CHARNOW too... THIS MY FRIENDS IS a WIN/WIN big bucks show... and that's American ROCK N ROLL.... ain't life grand? oh, wait a minute... I forgot to add PARIS HILTON to this line-up... they could have PARIS HILTON on stage riding a SYBIAN (sex toy) that's all Paris would have to do... simply ride sex toys and roll around the stage in FREAKY OUTFITS FOR 3 HOURS... Paris, we know you can do it! THAT'S AMERCIAN (American)ROCK N ROLL! AMERICAN - IS SPELLED - AMERCIAN -- IN SOME OF MY POSTS..-- IT SHOULD READ -- AMERICAN NOT AMERCIAN --- althought... AMERCIAN - DOES SOUND BETTER -- I'M, AMERCIAN - it would make it allot easier FOR AMERICANS TO navigate the HOSTILE USA TERRITORIES IN THE WORLD TODAY.... me? hell no, I'm not AMERICAN... I'M AMERCIAN!
*** OCTOBER 4, 2006
CARAH FAYE CHARNOW was under 18 years old when the male band members who are in their 30's found her in a church and recruited her for the band SHINY TOY GUNS. Mikey Martin was having sex with CARAH FAYE CHARNOW, and so were the other male band members when she was under 18 years old. And THE DRUMMER TOMMY LEE (MTV NEWS RAN A STORY ON HOW TOMMIE LEE HELPED OUT CARAH AND THE BAND) must have had sex with her when she was 19 years old! THIS IS NOT LEGAL, IT IS GROSS EXPLOITATION OF WOMEN BY MEN - THEY ARE MUSIC PIMPS!
Here is a comment that CARAH FAYE CHARNOW POSTED ON THE SHINY TOY GUNS myspace.com BAND PAGE ON MARCH 29, 2004, when she was barely 19 years old according to the bands own admission as to what CARAH FAYE CHARNOW'S AGE IS, WHICH WOULD BE 22 NOW (she has just turned 22 on August 3) IF SHE WAS BORN ON AUGUST 3, 1984 WHICH IS THE BIRTHDATE THAT THE BAND MEMBERS POSTED THEMSELVES FOR CARAH FAYE CHARNOW ON THIS WEBSITE:
www.wikipedia.com (search for Shiny Toy Guns)
(carah Faye Charnow's profile name is CARAH FAYE ALL WORK NO PLAY)
Carah Faye All Work No Play

Mar 29, 2004 12:21 AM

All the boys is Shiny Toy Guns make me wet!
Carah Faye Charnow posted that comment when she was according to their age estimates 19 years old, and they had been having sex with her when she was below the age of 18.
THAT'S CARAH FAYE CHARNOW'S own comment post that she put up on the SHINY TOY GUNS band page at http://www.myspace.com/shinytoyguns - it is in the comments section. I have copied every single comment (and there are allot) - to computer disc, just in case the band tries to delete any of the comments posted now) SO IF ANY MEMBER OF THE MEDIA WANTS COPIES OF EACH AND EVERY COMMENT POSTED ON THE SHINY TOY GUNS myspace.com website = contact me... or go to the site yourself and save everything posted to disc, including all the comments. I am trying to get ahold of all the bands bulletins that they sent out via myspace to minors since they joined myspace.com - this may require a court subpeona, but I will get it = in order to expose the PEDOPHILIA, and inappropriate contact that these men have had with underage girls.

The band SHINY TOY GUNS was formed at the beginning of 2003 and they had been rehearsing and recording in 2002 and into 2003 - the band joined myspace.com on March 13, 2004 - Their myspace.com profile states that a female age 27 joined myspace.com on March 13, 2004 and posted the band SHINY TOY GUNS....

testimony to what I told everyone last week about the band members ALL OF THEM BEING BI-SEXUAL/GAY -- the keyboard player that they refer to is JEREMY DAWSON the band leader. The comment posts from BENJY - are from the photographer who took the photographs for the band in Oklahoma - his name is BENJY - and he states that he has also had sex with the keyboard player, Jeremy Dawson. (I HOPE THESE GUYS WEAR CONDOMS! - I HOPE THAT THEY LET UNDERAGE GIRLS THAT THEY HAVE SEX WITH KNOW THAT THEY ALSO HAVE SEX WITH MEN!) WE NEED LAWS IN PLACE TO HELP STOP THE SPREAD OF AIDS.
Apr 30, 2004 4:29 PM
yeah tell me about it man...keyboard PLAYYA'S... always getting their mack on. he already did me, and went on to the next in line. im just hoping like the rest...someday, oh someday he might come back to me...
Apr 28, 2004 4:47 PM
Oh please....who HASN'T slept with your keyboard player? I know I have...and my mom, for some reason, keeps asking about him when she gets drunk. I mean shit dude...THAT'S MY MOM!
Apr 8, 2004 9:39 PM
I want to dance on stage in a cage when you play... and maybe backstage on your laps like fruity snacks after the show.
One of my favorite SHINY TOY GUNS band comments from people that they have posted in the comments section on their website has got to be from the NOW 15 year old boy - who was at the time that MIKEY MARTIN (drummer for the band SHINY TOY GUNS) knew this boy this boys age must have been well under 10 years old - AND MY QUESTION IS: WHAT THE HELL WAS MIKEY MARTIN doing BABYSITTING a boy under 10 years old, and taking this boy to his band rehearsals and to his band rock concerts with him? WEIRD - THIS MUSIC STORY JUST GETS MORE AND MORE REPUGNANT! HERE'S THE COMMENT FROM THAT BOY WHO MIKEY MARTIN SUPPOSEDLY USED TO BABYSIT WHEN HE WAS UNDER 10 YEARS OLD:
Oct 3, 2006 5:23 PM
mikeyyy wut up Chris Lester dude u used to babysit me and take me to ur band gigs . im happy to see u made it. u guys sound pretty sick.

10/1/2006 7:50 PM
you guys killed it in Salt Lake! i loved the show and running into mikey in the womens bathroom. :) haha Yaaaya.

MIKEY MARTIN - was soliciting and having sexual interactions with underage girls in the womens bathroom after the bands concert recently in Salt Lake city.
AND: MIKEY MARTIN HAS A GAY GUY PUT MAKE-UP ON HIM FOR OVER 1 HOUR EVERY NIGHT BEFORE THE SHOW... very close physical contact with this gay guy who does his make-up (and God only knows what else he's DOING besides 'make-up' to Mikey Martin!) AIN'T LIFE GRAND AND GAY! MIKEY MARTIN HAS SEX WITH UNDERAGE KIDS, WOMEN OF ALL AGES, GAY BOYS, AND WHO KNOWS.. MAYBE EVEN GOATS... I wouldn't put animalia past this SICK GREEK, short, chubby, hairy, weird shaped body SNAKE... called MIKEY MARTIN... anyone who sexually exploits and abuses underage kids is A SICK ASSHOLE in my book! AND guys who sexually exploit girls/women ARE PIMPS..
Mikey Martin is a PIMP TOO!
EDITED AND UPDATED AGAIN AT 9:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time, Monday, October 2, 2006 ***
This SHINY TOY GUNS band news story just gets better and better! Now their record company UNIVERSAL MOTOWN has the band going to visit a kid that just had CHEMO THERAPY on a supposedly friendly - COVER MY ASS ATTEMPT VISIT! - given that I started blogging and reporting about the bands forays back in February/March/April 2006 during late nights after their scheduled concerts at the homes of MINORS - the band SHINY TOY GUNS had sent out bulletins on myspace.com (I KEPT COPIES OF THE BULLETINS THAT THE BAND SENT OUT TO UNDERAGE FANS) soliciting minors - stating that if any club venue did not allow under 18 year olds in the venues, then the band SHINY TOY GUNS told these MINOR CHILDREN/TEENS to find some remote home away from the club that they were playing at, and after their scheduled concert, they would come and play a private one-on-one concert for them! I called the Philadelphia police department and filed a complaint and asked the police department to watch these guys and to send out bulletins across the country to other police precincts to watch this band SHINY TOY GUNS after their concerts, and I told the police that the band SHINY TOY GUNS had solicited underage kids on the internet. NOW UNIVERSAL MOTOWN records are on a BIG PUSH TO TRY AND CLEAN UP THIS BANDS IMAGE, in preparation for their CD release on OCTOBER 17th. They had them on MTV and the female singer CARAH FAYE CHARNOW stated ADAMENTLY THAT SHE DID NOT DO ANY VOCALS FOR PARIS HILTON ON HER CD - LIES - yet the band SHINY TOY GUNS HAD UP ON THEIR WEBSITE A STATEMENT CLAIMING THAT CARAH FAYE CHARNOW WAS PARIS HILTON'S DUMMY VOCALIST (I MADE A COPY OF THEIR OLD WEBSITE WITH THE INFORMATION THAT THEY POSTED STATING THAT CARAH FAYE CHARNOW WAS PARIS HILTONS DUMMY VOCALIST - THAT IS WHAT THE BAND STATED ON THEIR OWN WEBSITE BACK IN FEBRUARY, 2006 - NOT THAT CARAH HAD DONE DEMOS FOR PARIS, BUT THAT SHE WAS THE DUMMY VOCALIST FOR PARIS HILTON! - AND THEY KEPT THIS INFO UP ON THEIR SITE FOR A GOOD THREE MONTHS!) In addition, when the band SHINY TOY GUNS were in New York City in January, 2006 working on the re-work of their WE ARE PILOTS cd - that they are re-releasing on October 17th, 2006, Carah Faye charnow FLEW TO LOS ANGELES TO DO THE DUMMY VOCAL WORK FOR PARIS HILTON - WHICH I STATED IN THE PAST WAS HOW PARIS HILTON DEVELOPED HER SINGING STYLE FOR STARS ARE BLIND, AND HER OTHER TRACKS... CARAH LAID IN HER VOCALS AS A GUIDE VOCAL TO HELP PARIS HILTON WITH HER VOCAL DELIVERY, AND SHE ALSO DID THE BACKING VOCALS FOR PARIS - PARIS LIKED THE HIGH SWEET VOCAL STYLINGS THAT CARAH HAD DONE ON THE SONG -LE DISKO- TOWARDS THE END OF THAT SONG YOU WILL HEAR WHAT I AM TALKING ABOUT - THAT VOCAL DELIVERY AT THE END OF THAT SONG CHANGES - AND IF YOU LISTEN TO OTHER SONGS ON THE CD THAT THIS SHINY TOY GUNS ARE RELEASING SOON YOU WILL HEAR SOME OF THE SWEET HIGH, BREATHY VOCAL STYLE THAT CARAH FAYE CHARNOW USES, THAT PARIS HILTON WANTED TO TRY AND EMULATE ON HER CD. AND, CARAH FAYE CHARNOW ALSO DID SOME VOCAL WORK FOR A BAND CALLED EPITAPH ON THAT TRIP TO LOS ANGELES (CARAH FAYE CHARNOW IS A SELL-OUT, MUSIC HOE!) WHEN Carah Faye Charnow returned to New York from Los Angeles, the male band members FIRED HER... they called me via telephone at my apartment phone number in New York City (Mikey Martin called me on his cellphone from the recording studio they were using called TO THE BEAT, AT THE FILM CENTER BUILDING IN NYC, 7th FLOOR) he called my Harlem apartment office phone - a LAND LINE - and I had someone with me in my production office, and I had him on speaker phone - MIKEY MARTIN TOLD ME THAT THEY HAD FIRED CARAH FAYE CHARNOW FROM THE BAND SHINY TOY GUNS AND THEY WANTED TO HIRE ME TO REPLACE HER... THIS IS TRUE, AND I HAVE A WITNESS TO THIS TELEPHONE SPEAKERPHONE CONVERSATION! - THEY PUT CARAH ON THE PHONE WITH ME... and she sounded very upset ... then Mikey Martin launched into one of his sexual exploitation TyRADS WITH CARAH... launching into his LITTLE GIRL VOICE, and telling me how sexy I sounded on the phone, with Carah there.... ALL THE MALE MEMBERS OF THE BAND SHINY TOY GUNS ABUSE CARAH FAYE CHARNOW EMOTIONALLY, MENTALLY, AND SEXUALLY... THIS IS A FACT... but Carah is so DRIVEN TO TRY AND BE A POP TART.. that she lets them DO IT TO HER! I REFUSED THE OFFER OF REPLACING CARAH... I DID NOT LIKE THE WAY THAT THEY TREATED HER, AND I TOLD THEM SO... WHAT THEY DO TO CARAH IS ON THE JOB SEXUAL HARASSMENT IN MY OPINION. I STUCK UP FOR CARAH FAYE CHARNOW... THEN AFTERWARDS, I REALIZED THAT CARAH IS JUST ANOTHER DUMB HOE, ANOTHER DUMB MUSIC HOE, WITH NO SELF-RESPECT! SO CARAH FAYE CHARNOW DESERVES EVERYTHING THAT WILL COME HER WAY WHEN THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS BAND FINALLY COMES TO THE SURFACE OVER THE NEXT FEW MONTHS! AND.... BACK TO PARIS HILTON... THE OTHER MUSIC HOE... PARIS HILTON EVEN HOSTED A PARTY FOR THE BAND SHINY TOY GUNS IN SOUTH BEACH, FLORIDA SEVERAL MONTHS AFTER CARAH FAYE CHARNOW HAD FLOWN OUT TO LOS ANGELES TO DO HER DUMMY VOCAL WORK FOR PARIS HILTON... if anyone out there was at the nightclub in South Beach where the SHINY TOY GUNS band appearing in concert with PARIS HILTON HOSTING THAT PARTY, please E-mai me with any pictures that you may have of that event, and any info... I wonder if PARIS HILTON LEFT THE CLUB WITH CARAH FAYE CHARNOW THAT NIGHT.... (I would not be at all surprised if Paris Hilton and Carah Faye Charnow had a little TET-A-TET (or should I say 'tit-a-tit') that night.... if you know what I mean! - which I am sure you do!) PLEASE E=MAIL ME if you were at that nightclub that nightclub in South Beach when SHINY TOY GUNS WERE PLAYING AND PARIS HILTON HOSTED THE BAND AND AN AFTER PARTY FOR THEM. thank-you...
I am in the process of putting together a PRESS RELEASE that I will distribute to all MEDIA and DATELINE NBC and 60 MINUTES, AND several other news magazine programs. IF SHINY TOY GUNS AND THEIR RECORD COMPANY WANT PUBLICITY - BOY ARE THEY GOING TO GET IT! THE TRUTH ABOUT THIS BAND, AND THEIR LIES AND DECEPTION, AND PEDOPHILIA, AND DARK EVIL PAST WILL BE DISCLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. This record company is promoting a band that targets an underage group of kids - and the leader of this band produced the music for GRAND THEFT AUTO III - the drummer Mkey Martin BARFS AND SPITS on young kids who go to see their shows... I have kept all the fan comments that have been up regarding each incident involving inappropriate onstage and off stage interactions that this band have had with MINOR CHILDREN/TEENS.. PARENTS ACROSS THE COUNTRY AND WORLD SHOULD KNOW WHAT THIS BAND SHINY TOY GUNS ARE ALL ABOUT.... AND THEN DETERMINE WHETHER IT IS A BAND THAT THEY WANT TO ALLOW THEIR MINORS TO GO SEE LIVE, OR TO CONTRIBUTE TO THIS BANDS SUCCESS BY BUYING THE BANDS CD, given the history and background of the band SHINY TOY GUNS... I would not want my MINOR TEENS/KIDS to go to a SHINY TOY GUNS concert nor would I support this band by purchasing their CD given what I know about how their music is created, how this band lies, steals, and preys on MINORS.. and the list goes on and on.... AND the male lead singer has a 2 1/2 year old child that he took on tour with the band. This baby would be in the club awake at night with cotton in the kids ears, that would fall out... therefore not offering any protection to the childs ears, with ROCK MUSIC BLASTING beyond acceptable decibal levels for hours. The kid looked disoriented and uphappy, and it was well past BEDTIME for a child that age! I complained about the fact that the band had this baby on tour with them, and would keep the kid up at night and take the kid into the ROCK CONCERTS LATE AT NIGHT. The kid looked unhealthy and was poorly dressed. And the mother was drinking BEER along with the father GREGORI CHAD PETREE in the nightclub with the kid there and the music BLASTING! I told them that this was not good parenting! THERE IS SO MUCH SHIT -- ON THIS BAND IT IS AN OUTRAGE.... that UNIVERSAL MOTOWN RECORDS, signed these 3 guys and 1 deceptive woman and are now promoting these people to THEIR TARGET AUDIENCE - WHICH ARE MINORS - UNDER 18 YEAR OLD GIRLS... PRIMARILY... UNIVERSAL MOTOWN ARE IN FOR A VERY BIG WAKE-UP CALL WITH THIS ONE ---- MY PRESS RELEASES ARE GOING OUT TO ALL MEDIA THIS AFTERNOON - ALONG WITH A LIST OF INTERVIEW QUESTIONS THAT REPORTERS SHOULD AND MUST POSE TO THIS GROUP OF EVIL-DOERS - SHINY TOY GUNS... they will be exposed FOR WHAT AND WHO THEY ARE VERY SOON!
soooo.... let's RECAP the background of this music band SHINY TOY GUNS.... AND WE WONDER WHY THERE IS SO MUCH CRIME ACROSS AMERICA AND VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN, PEDOPHILIA, TEENS WITH MORE MENTAL PROBLEMS THEN EVER BEFORE.... AND THE LIST GOES ON AND ON... ONE OF THE REASONS IS THAT AMERICA HAS RECORD COMPANIES THAT SEEK OUT THESE TYPES OF MUSIC PRODUCERS AND SIGN THEM AND PROMOTE THEM TO AMERICAS YOUTH... I'm starting to think that some of those crazy Evangelist preachers who preach about the evils of rock n roll ARE NOT SO CRAZY AFTER ALL!(and I got the crazy Evangelist preacher line from a website called Jewhoo.com you can e-mail the editor and let him know I used it editor@jewhoo.com) Given all the info that I have gathered on this band SHINY TOY GUNS... and direct contact that I have had with this band, and having watched how they produce their music and how they got signed to Universal/Motown records, and how this record company is now promoting this band to Amercia and the World... I am VERY WORRIED ABOUT THE MUSIC INDUSTRY AS A WHOLE... THERE HAVE TO BE CHANGES MADE IMMEDIATELY, AND THESE RECORD COMPANIES HAVE TO BE ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHO AND WHAT THEY SIGN TO THEIR LABELS AND PROMOTE.
RECAP ON SHINY TOY GUNS: so we have two members of the band SHINY TOY GUNS = Jeremy Dawson, and Gregori Chad Petree who are males in their mid-thirties who are seasoned music producers having produced the music for GRAND THEFT AUTO III, and also music for NIGHTCLUBS - Jeremy Dawson also does DJ work and has produced music for an OCCULT nightclub in OKLAHOMA, I have all the info on this OCCULT nightclub and the artist who IS ALSO ASSOCIATED WITH THIS OCCULT NIGHTCLUB and assisted the band in it's early stages with costumes and art direction. The photography that was done for the band early on... was done by an Oklahoma photographer who had commented on CARAH FAYE CHARNOW'S myspace.com page (I have saved to disc everything on this band SHINY TOY GUNS since February 2006 to date)this photographer who did the photography for the band stated on Carah Faye Charnow's myspace.com page that he wanted to STICK HIS PENIS IN HER.... and that this was a clear sign that she was highly MARKET WORTHY in the music industry. The band male members have tattooed guns all over Carah Faye Charnow's body, and have photographed her naked and semi naked floating in someones swimming pool in Oklahoma, which they used on their first CD release. Jeremy Dawson and Gregori Chad Petree both have solicited underage girls via myspace.com from their band page, and they interact one-on-one with many of these underage girls on a daily basis through not only emails but with instant messaging. They send out very personal E-mails to underage girls and play mental head games wth these girls. Mikey Martin the drummer is also involved in this internet interaction with these underage girls. Jeremy Dawson admitted to me in July 2006 that he had been sexually abused as a child. And there are many scientific studies that state that men who were sexually abused as children generally grow up to be sexual abusers of underage kids themselves. These guys SHINY TOY GUNS are not a bunch of kids who practiced their instruments in the family garage and then got a band together -- they are men in their mid thirties who strategically spent several years planning what their strategy would be for this music band that they have (Mikey Martin is the youngest male member of the band at 24 years old and they use him as the MUSIC HOE PIMP).... Jeremy Dawson and Gregori Chad Petree in 2002 sat down and wrote quite a few of the songs they have on their CD by listening to every song they could find that they felt would work for the age demographic they were trying to reach which was UNDER 18 YEAR OLD GIRLS, PRIMARILY... these guys love to prey on 12 to 14 year olds.... I know this for a fact! (and they are in my opinion BI-SEXUAL, they interact with women primarily to BOOST THEIR MALE EGOS, AND TO MAKE THEMSELVES APPEAR TO BE STUDS TO OTHER MALES who they would actually prefer to be sexually involved with -- this happens allot in the entertainment industry! Reminds me of a closet bi-sexual - who actually prefered men, that I knew in London, UK - this guy was supposedly one of Englands HOTTEST SEXIEST bachelors (SO THE PRESS SAID) and he had been involved with women like ELLE MCPHERSON, and WHAT WAS THE NAME OF THAT BLONDE MODEL WHO MARRIED THE MAGICIAN DAVID COPPERFIELD? I CAN'T REMEMBER, WELL HE WAS WITH HER FOR AWHILE TOO... AND ALSO SOMEONE CALLED KOO STARK (who he actually married for a brief period of time) Koo Stark was the HOE who was involved with Prince Andrew for awhile. So this GUY, WHO OWNS AN ART GALLERY IN LONDON, UK was actually a closet -- YOU KNOW... HE PREFERED MEN... I KNOW THIS FOR A FACT! - I FOUND THIS OUT AFTER I HAD SPENT SOME PRIVATE TIME MYSELF WITH -HIM- and believe me when I tell you that I felt something was amiss, with this guy... it was the most boring sexual experience I have ever had! MORE DETAILS TO COME IN THE BOOK I AM WRITING ON MY LIFE... hey, there is a purpose to all this, and it is not TO MAKE MONEY, I want to reveal to the WORLD WHAT THE HECK IS GOING ON OUT THERE, AND TO LET THE PUBLIC KNOW THAT ALL IS NOT WHAT IT MAY SEEM ON THE OUTSIDE, ESPECIALLY IN THE ENTERTAINMENT INDUSTRY! AND, my opinion is.. TELL THE TRUTH, COME OUT OF THE CLOSET... IF YOU ARE BI=SEXUAL OR GAY, I WANT TO KNOW, AND EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD KNOW TOO... WHY POSSIBLY ENDANGER SOMEONES HEALTH BY NOT REVEALING YOUR SEXUAL ORIENTATION? THERE SHOULD BE LAWS AGAINST MIS-REPRESENTING ONES SEXUAL ORIENTATION IN A RELATIONSHIP OR WHEN THERE IS INTIMATE CONTACT BETWEEN PEOPLE= THAT'S MY OPINION - AND ENGLAND.... IS FULL OF CLOSET BI-SEXUALS AND GAYS WHO MIS-REPRESENT! COME ON ALL YOU PUBLIC SCHOOL CLOSET CASES, DON'T MIS-REPRESENT!
.....So, BACK TO SHINY TOY GUNS... they stole melody and lyric concepts from existing material out in the market, and they also stole lyrics, melodies, and music styles from almost everyone that they have come in contact with... I was one of the persons that they also STOLE FROM... the last two bands that SHINY TOY GUNS have toured with, they have also stolen from.. (their recent new song JACKIE WILL SAVE ME... was titled KENNEDY, a rip-off song that a band called Kill Hannah had that they toured with) and the last two bands that they toured with ended up getting dropped from their record labels and/or getting their tours cancelled... anyone who comes into contact with this band SHINY TOY GUNS.. gets their music stolen by them, and then they have BAD LUCK... SHINY TOY GUNS band TRIES TO SHUT THEM DOWN... and SHINY TOY GUNS TRIES TO LATCH ONTO ANYTHING THAT IS OUT IN THE MARKET THAT SMELLS OF SUCCESS IN ANYWAY... by trying to associate themselves with whatever other band/artist is on the upswing... the male members PIMP OUT CARAH... really... they stated on MTV in the interview that they did * that they would send Carah out to NETWORK... folks... they would send Carah alright.... THEY PIMP OUT CARAH! They sent her out to get to TOMMY LEE of GUNS AND ROSES... and she did her networking with him... it's a transference thing... Carah Faye Charnow then goes back to the guys in the band and reports what he was like in bed, what he is about... AND SHE THEN HAS SEX WITH MIKEY MARTIN... and I believe the other two guys get involved also... THIS SO THAT, THEY GET A FEEL FOR WHAT TOMMY LEE WAS ALL ABOUT... it's called a transference thing.... and it boosts the egos of the male members of SHINY TOY GUNS... their MUSIC HOE f*cked tommy lee - and now she's back f*cking them.... THIS IS HOW IS GOES.... THIS IS THE TRUTH... Carah Faye Charnow has done allot of NETWORKING (music hoe-ing) for SHINY TOY GUNS in the past 3 years! AND so.. we have music that sounds okay... their songs are getting allot of attention... HEY, they stole everything from existing material out in the market, and from other people.... REALLY CREATIVE AND ORIGINAL! GRAND THEFT MUSIC III - maybe Jeremy Dawson could produce music for a new video game called GRAND THEFT MUSIC III - I will start designing the softwear program! AND... then we have CARAH FAYE CHARNOW.. who they claim is 18 or 22 - but I believe that she is really 27 years old or maybe even older... who is BI-SEXUAL, and the drummer Mikey Martin BANGS HER to get her sexually aroused (bitch in heat syndrome) before their concerts. He also role plays for her and pretends that he is a little girl at times and even changes his voice to a little girls voice, to turn her on sexually. I have witnessed Mikey Martin playing these head games with Carah in the recording studio, along with the other male members of the band who watch as Mikey Martin role plays sex games with Carah... and they like to record her vocals when she is OFF BALANCE and in her little girl bi-sexual (bitch in heat syndrome MODE) Mikey Martin also does sexual role playing as a LITTLE BOY.. they are all actors... and this little boy, little girl SEX ROLE PLAYING THAT THEY DO IS BASICALLY PEDOPHILIA.... they like to interact with YOUNG TEEN GIRLS.. and CARAH is bi-sexual... and advocates this type of interaction by the men of the band with MINOR CHILDREN, it turns her on. Mkey Martin comes from a family of criminals, he told me in January of 2006 that some of his family members had spent time in PRISON for violent crimes, and that his parents were members of a notorious motorcycle gang and that he had a very troubled childhood. He also complained to me that his parents would never allow him to see a doctor or seek medical attention when he needed it.... Mikey Martin told me his entire life history the first day that I met him in New York City at the recording studios that I was using. He also SEXUALLY HARASSED ME, AND KEPT ASKING ME TO MARRY HIM! and it was AGGRAVATED SEXUAL HARASSMENT! EVERYDAY! THERE IS SO MUCH MORE INFORMATION ON THIS BAND THAT IS SO OUTRAGEOUS... that parents across the country MUST KNOW.. the record company UNIVERSAL/MOTOWN and this band SHINY TOY GUNS are targeting an under 18 age demographic - AND THE RECORD COMPANY MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR MARKETING/PROMOTING THIS MATERIAL TO AN UNDERAGE GROUP OF KIDS... they know what this band is about....


Posted by: Dalena DuBois at Oct 7, 2006 4:28:53 AM

Dalena Dubois is a total nutbag. She actually follows Mikey Martin from STG around and she disguises herself by wearing different color wigs. PSYCHO!!! She is pathetic and calls herself a producer but all she does is glom off of other more talented people and calls the result her "creation". She is a loser and needs to get a life quick. Her shiny toys guns story are all bogus!

Posted by: dalenabuboisisanut at Oct 15, 2006 7:15:24 PM

I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW WHO POSTED THAT COMMENT ABOVE???? using MY NAME???? must be someone associated with SHINY TOY GUNS!!!! I have NEVER FOLLOWED SHINY TOY GUNS around... nor have I ever followed their drummer Mikey Martin around - OH, and as I RECALL... MIKEY MARTIN.. THE DRUMMER FOR SHINY TOY GUNS.. WAS THE ONE WHO USED TO WEAR HAIR WIGS, AND EARRINGS, AND MAKE-UP -- (he's a closet Bi-sexual, as are all the members of SHINY TOY GUNS!, INCLUDING CARAH! - and I believe that the male members of the band prefer MEN sexually, but associate with pretty women, to BOOST THEIR EGOS!) THE PERSON WHO POSTED THE COMMENT ABOVE.. WELL.. THEIR COMMENT IS A BUNCH OF LIES - that's a FACT.. LIES! ... and... I have worked VERY HARD PRODUCING MY MUSIC... for years... BEFORE SHINY TOY GUNS band members were EVEN BORN!!! I am 49 Years old.... and I find it interesting that that person stated that I - GLOM off other more talented people!!! must be because during the time that I was using the recording studios where SHINY TOY GUNS WERE RECORDING AT THE FILM CENTER BUILDING IN NEW YORK CITY - seventh floor, on 9th Avenue, between 44th and 45th Streets... and they were recording down the hall at a studio called TO THE BEAT... and I was using two hip hop ILLEGAL recording studios, that were not licensed to operate business in the city of New York... who rip off peoples music.... AND THEY RIPPED OFF ALLOT OF MATERIAL FROM MY HARD DRIVES... along with SHINY TOY GUNS... rip offs --- of my material... that must be what the person above is referring to!!! I called 311 - which is the New York City emergency reporting line -- and reported that the recording studios up there had stolen material from my drives... SO.... this is very interesting to me... I am starting to see all the snakes come out of the grass... I did tell the recording studios up on the seventh floor that if any of my beats, or any elements of my music tracks showed up anywhere.. or if they used any elements of my music tracks in anyway in any of their music - then, I stated to these recording studios, that I would take legal action against them... I did not realize at the time (back in December/January 2005/2006 that SHINY TOY GUNS ... had ripped me off also... until several months afterwards... THE RECORDING STUDIOS ON THE SEVENTH FLOOR THAT I HAD BEEN USING WERE CALLED - NORDBERG STUDIOS, AND BLACK STARLINER STUDIOS... I ended up uploading to the internet allot of the tracks that I had been working on... incomplete... since I wanted to let them know that if they had stolen material from my drives, that they would be accountable for any thefts of my material! and... the tracks that I had worked on at those studios... which I had already been working on elsewhere... before I even used those studios... I uploaded to the internet incomplete... and I also got copyrights for the material (funny thing is.. allot of the songs were songs that I had composed in the early 1980's and was re-working, that I already have copyrights on!)... TO THE BEAT recording studios where SHINY TOY GUNS had been working... got them their new management contract with Jim Welch who is affiliated with TO THE BEAT recording studios, and the producer who worked with SHINY TOY GUNS... remixing their tracks (using my production techiques -which I really feel made SHINY TOY GUNS songs sound completely OVER PRODUCED NOW!) was someone called Mark Saunders.. who is also affiliated with TO THE BEAT recording studios in New York City... SHINY TOY GUNS.. also went across the hall on the seventh floor and got a place called FEARLESS TV to produce several music videos for them... that they aired on FOX TV in New York and other USA markets, and they used these videos to assist getting them signed to UNIVERAL/MOTOWN records (MTV also aired one of the music videos recently... I believe that the male members of SHINY TOY GUNS... pimped out Carah Faye Charnow.. (as they had done in the past to try and further this bands career) to the studio producers at TO THE BEAT recording studios to get their music produced and marketed to the record companies, in order to get a recording contract! .... in addition, this band SHINY TOY GUNS.. had CD's out on the USA market - since 2004 - that they had pitched to every radio station in the USA and they had gotten NO RADIO AIRPLAY.. but since they got signed to UNIVERSAL/MOTOWN in June of 2006 - suddenly/overnight --- they GOT RADIO AIRPLAY and have been getting radio airplay in almost every major market across the country! PAYOLA... PAYOLA....(and, the bands original CD production work sounds better then what they are set to release via their record company on October 17, 2006 - tomorrow) it is now time to INDICT UNIVERSAL MOTOWN RECORDS, ALONG WITH SHINY TOY GUNS RECORD COMPANY IN THE UK, AND ALSO MYSPACE.COM as co-conspirators - AS WELL AS THE BAND MEMBERS OF SHINY TOY GUNS.. in this RACKET, called the American Music Industry -- it is a MAFIA!!!!
SHINY TOY GUNS band members are Pedophiles... and they used myspace.com to solicit underage kids since 2004 --- and they are now soliciting underage kids via CELLPHONES/MOBILE devices.... check out their website.... www SHINYTOYGUNS com AND TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE UP TO THESE DAYS.... in concert with their record companies... and myspace.com aided and abetted SHINY TOY GUNS.. with their communications and solicitations of minors from 2004 to date.... SHINY TOY GUNS MUSIC is targeted to an under 18 age demographic.... WE NEED TO CLEAN UP THE MUSIC INDUSTRY!! BIG TIME..
and... the people who are placing comments on sites where I have placed TRUE comments about SHINY TOY GUNS... why not Email me directly... with your BULLSH*T responses! .... in the end the TRUTH always surfaces... KARMA... guys & gal (SHINY TOY GUNS & your record companies) KARMA... THE TRUTH ALWAYS WINS IN THE END... GOOD OVER EVIL... SHINY TOY GUNS are EVIL.... that is the TRUTH... and the truth will rise to the surface ... SOON!
ALSO... SHINY TOY GUNS band has been ON THE ROAD... since 2004 touring in every state in America... selling their band merchandise without paying TAXES!!! they use the countries highways and take CASH from people across the country BUT THEY DO NOT WANT TO PAY THE COUNTRY TAXES!!! everyone knows that bands make their money TOURING.... the government needs to impose strict new laws on record companies RADIO STATIONS and TELEVISION stations in the USA - to STOP the illegal activity that is happening in this country... and why not impose a HIGHWAY tax on touring bands... since it is almost impossible to track the merchandise that they sell to the public and the CASH that they pocket. And if a band is using FLIGHT as a means of transportation to GIGS... then the government must consider imposing a TOURING or PERFORMANCE TAX on performers... or maybe have IRS agents posted at all the NIGHTCLUBS, or PERFORMANCE VENUES IN THE COUNTRY... this would also help protect the underage kids who attend these concerts... (since allot of these nightclubs now allow ALL AGES! to attend these bands concerts!) REGULATE THE NIGHT SPOTS where these bands are appearing! and if the performers/bands try and circumvent the new laws with venues in other places... then there must be laws in place to regulate any public performance - ALLOT OF THE MUSIC THAT THE RECORD COMPANIES - AND PERFORMERS ARE OUTPUTTING TODAY.. ARE TOXIC, TO THE PUBLIC... and TO MINORS... and as such should have WARNING LABELS.. and regulations.... letting the public know what the health hazards are!!! YOU KNOW THAT I SPEAK THE TRUTH HEREIN.... take a look at the STATE OF THE NATION... with regards to crime rates, and the problems afflicting American youth... the root of these problems lie with America's music industry! THAT'S A FACT... so let's get going... LET'S START WITH PAYOLA... of which I have solid evidence.... which I am presenting to the United States Attorney General's office this week, then we will forge forward on PEDOPHILIA in the music industry, and sexual harassment in the music industry, and ... the list goes on and on.... BUT TRUST ME.... WHEN I STATE THAT MY MISSION THIS YEAR AND FOR THE NEXT FEW YEARS WILL BE TO MAKE SURE THAT THE MUSIC INDUSTRY GETS A MAJOR CLEAN-UP!! I will not REST IN PEACE, until I make sure that changes happen in the music industry, and at the FCC --- for the BETTER! --- let the indictments begin....

Posted by: Dalena DuBois at Oct 16, 2006 3:34:30 PM

Like I said a real nutty bird....Man..everyone wants too rip off your music, I heard it and the only thing I want to rip off are my ears. Hahaha get a life you loser.
Shiny toy guns has more talent in thier poo then have in your whole body. Thats why they are signed to a major label and your a major pain in the ass.

Posted by: dalenabuboisisanut at Oct 16, 2006 6:37:36 PM

Well.... I guess that I will have to keep checking back at this site on a regular basis... to respond to the person who is affilated with SHINY TOY GUNS, that keeps posting those lovely responses to my comments.... WHY NOT E-MAIL ME DIRECTLY with any comments you may have... or better yet - call me... OR MY ATTORNEY... and we can continue this repartee, and take it to COURT... hopefully COURT TV will cover the legal proceedings... so that SHINY TOY GUNS can be exposed to the WORLD for the FRAUDS, LIARS, PEDOPHILES and THIEVES that THEY ARE...
Those comments posted above in response to my comments sound to me like they are from that young (under 18 year old girl) that SPITS to clear her throat in public... and she did SPIT once in front of me on the balcony over at the Film Center Building in NYC seventh floor... while I was out on the balcony smoking a cigarette... she has no basic manners, and the band picked her up on the road in some small town down South... she is a PUNK kid who needs some serious parental guidance, and a good therapist to help her with her mental problems (and I do not state this is a MEAN WAY... it is a fact... and hopefully this girl will get the help she needs!) She works for SHINY TOY GUNS... as a girl Friday... and I believe occassional sex bot for the band and whomever else they want to have sex with her. I won't even respond to what she posted in the comment above... because it is silly and not worth responding to ... other than this response that I now give.... PLEASE E-MAIL ME DIRECTLY with your POO comments... or we can continue this comment discussion in public... so that the WORLD can see exactly what you and SHINY TOY GUNS are about!

Posted by: Dalena DuBois at Oct 17, 2006 9:02:53 PM

Hey, Dalena?

you're a whore. Shiny Toy Guns are an amazing band. And the only way you can make us believe OTHERWISE, is to actually give us the so -called "proof" you have. you're a fucking lunatic and i think you're just jealous that Shiny Toy Guns have made it and you haven't.

God, and don't you have a life? All you do is sit on your lazy ass all day writing your shit on livejournal.

first of all, i don't think you've seen what other people are REALLY saying about you. Since you talk shit about the Shinys, you should be wondering who's talking shit about you. Well, I'll tell you...you ready?


And you know why?

Because you're not important and nobody cares about you enough to even mention you.

you're a worthless peice of shit and you are just envious of Carah, Jeremy, Chad and Mikey. They are some of the most amazing people in the world. You and your rumors can fuck each other, get AIDS, die, and rot in hell. you're such a loser.

And you know what I heard from a "friend" of mine? She said she read somewhere that you have AIDS and that's why no one wants to fuck you.

interesting, and again, I think you're jealous.

Shiny Toy Guns are NOT what you say they are.

So stop fucking posting your shit all over the place. You're decieving people and I hate you.

I know what I've said won't mean anything to you.

But watch, one day, when you look back at the times you've done things to the Shinys, you're gonna regret it. Because they're gonna be on top of the world and you're gonna be BEGGING for their forgiveness.

If I were them of course, I won't accept ANY appology from you....but Carah, Jeremy, Chad, and Mikey are so nice and caring and loving [unlike you] and I'm sure they will.

All your shit isn't gonna affect them. People aren't as stupid as you are. We aren't gonna believe what you say cuz you got no proof and you sound like the hoe you say Carah is.

Carah is NOT a slut. She's wonderful. And don't you dare EVER compare her to Paris Hilton. She and Paris have NOTHING in common.

Oh, and what's wrong with being gay or bisexual? do you have a problem with people who are gay or bisexual? cuz if you do, then you got a problem with A LOT of people.

and one day, everyone's gonna forget all about you because nobody likes anyone who judges others.

YOU are gonna be the one who gets what's coming to her. NOT Carah.

You're fucking stupid. You have nothing to show for all the "research" you've done.

you're a liar.

You're the hoe, you're a slut. you're stupid.

Oh, do you like Green Day? or do you talk shit about them too?

because they've inspired me to tell you this one last thing:

Your rise and fall
Back up against the wall
What goes around is coming back and haunting you
It's time to quit
Cause you ain't worth the shit
Under my shoes or the piss on the ground

No one loves you and you know it
Don't pretend that you enjoy it or you don't care
Cause now I wouldn't lie or tell you all the things you want
to hear.
Cause I hate you

I heard your sick
Sucked on that cancer stick
A throbbing tumor and a radiation high
Shit out of luck
And now your time is up
It brings me pleasure just to know you're going to die

cock smoking,
mother fucking,
dirty twat,
waste of semen,
I hope you die

Red eye, code blue.
I'd like to strangle you.
And watch your eyes bulge right out of your skull.
When you go down.
Head first into the ground.
I'll stand above you just to piss on your grave.

If you want to respond to this you can email me:


^^^I bet my email address bothers you, huh?^^^

Posted by: Tania at Oct 26, 2006 12:46:16 PM

Yay!!! Could'nt have said it better myself!!! Dalena is a fucking pig asshole that wishes she was a part of the music industry that she "despises "so much. Thats why she makes these comments about STG so she can try and bring attention to her crap music. So transparent. STG makes actual music Delana, with lyrics, melodys and hooks. Your music is a bunch of mish-mosh that makes no sense.

Posted by: dalenabuboisisanut at Oct 26, 2006 7:44:19 PM

rock on!! she's just fucking jealous. and i don't know why she has to take it out on the Shinys. it pisses me off but i'm not gonna let her shit bother me. she's the one who's gonna go to prison. the Shinys haven't done anything wrong. and even if they have, she doesn't have the so-called "proof" she's been gathering.

Tania Vega

Posted by: Tania at Oct 30, 2006 12:06:17 PM

rock on!! she's just fucking jealous. and i don't know why she has to take it out on the Shinys. it pisses me off but i'm not gonna let her shit bother me. she's the one who's gonna go to prison. the Shinys haven't done anything wrong. and even if they have, she doesn't have the so-called "proof" she's been gathering.

Tania Vega

Posted by: Tania at Oct 30, 2006 12:06:37 PM

S.T.G are fucking awesome. This person is obviously stupid. You're allowed to have an opinion but don't spread lies.
And so what if they're bi/gay.
Are you a homophobe?
Homophobia is not cool.
The guns are.
Peace out my friends.

Posted by: Lily at Jan 27, 2007 11:16:56 AM

you people are sick in the head! you r just some funkin horny bitches! wwut the fuk is wrong with u! stop with the bullshit!Carah is not a hoe! she a great singer! you r just ignorants with nothin better to do than talk shit about others peoples life! you people need to get A LIFE!!! and stop talkin shit about others!! assholes!!

Posted by: the creep! at Nov 2, 2008 6:09:38 AM

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