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Aiken Rises Again


Gosh. I loved watching American Idol last night. It is dozens of guilty pleasures packed in one. Taylor Hicks' win was no surprise. The evening only had two big moments for me. One was the divalicious Clay Aiken appearing on stage in his new do singing "Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me" with a frantic fan. It was an ideal comeback performance for Clay that showed what level of adoration he (still) receives from fans. And in many way, Aiken represents all that American Idol is about: tacky songs, incredile transformations, controversy and selling lots and lots of records. If you haven't seen the Clay Aiken moment, make sure to check it out here on YouTube. The best moment is when Clay surprises the fan from behind. Priceless.

Another great performance was the one by your purple highness Prince. A true surprise. I wonder how much it took for his management to convince him to do it, because Prince is so much bigger than Idol. But it was a clever marketing move. The show pulled a whopping 35 rating share in the last 30 minutes of the broadcast and was the perfect platform to be seen by the record buying public.

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I'm traveling to Vancouver, Canada for Memorial Day weekend for an assignment. Does anybody have some good tips on where to eat, shop, dance and drink? All your sugggestions are very welcome. Email me.

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Hot New Talent Alert: Formatic


A synth wiz brother plus a photogenic singing sister equals a hot new talent alert. Emerging electro duo Formatic are London siblings Kate and Nick Hodges. The group's web site states that they grew up "in a musical family" and "learned to play and compose at an early age but only started writing and recording together relatively recently."

The strength of Formatic's music lies in its no fuss productions. The duo's songs primarily rely on synth drums, keyboard and Kate's frolicy vocals. Take for example "Jump The Gun Again," a Blondie-esque pop tune with love-obsessed lyrics drenched in a hooky synth melody. Also, check out the haunting "In One Ear" and the high-energy "Bad Gateway" with its crazy fun chorus.

Formatic first emerged in 2005 when their vinyl-only release "Over To You" hit clubs late 2005. The song was part of a 5 track EP that was partly produced with the help of Dave Bascombe who previously assisted Depeche Mode and Peter Gabriel. Currently, the duo is working on new material that is slated to be released later this year. (Click here to download Formatic music at 24Music.)

Stream Formatic songs [MySpace]

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Manhattan Clique Remixes Lorraine


Head over to the Manhattan Clique web site to sample some of the remixes they produced for Norwegian buzz band Lorraine. Listen to the Vocal Mix and Dub Mix of "Transatlantic Flight" here. Philip and Chris reworked the original track nicely by adding a propulsive bass line to create a true dancefloor stomper.

Listen to Lorraine "Transatlantic Flight" [MHC Voal & Dub]

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Stream New Andy Bell Single Remixes


After his hot DJ stint at New York City's BANK last Saturday, Andy Bell is releasing some brand-new remixes of his new solo single "I'll Never Fall In Love Again." The track will be released overseas on June 29. There is an extensive portfolio of edits available, including a radio mix from Goetz who previously worked with artists like Sugababes and Faithless. The single was also reworked by Jaded Alliance who turned the song into a proper electro house workout. Some of you might remember Jaded Alliance from their remix of Erasure's "A Little Respect," which is available on the "Future Retro" album. Dr. Mo gave his unique spin on Bell's new single as well with a punchy disco arrangement. (Much thanks to the boys of Manhattan Clique for keeping me posted.)

Sample Andy Bell "I'll Never Fall In Love" Remixes

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