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Kylie Minogue Mash-Ups

Mixing Kylie

Mash-ups are remixes that combine samples from two different tracks. Generally, one song's vocals are blended with another's instrumental or rhythm track. The challenge for most mash-up producers is to blend two completely different genres to create a mix that is odd, fun, interesting and might even sound better than the originals.

Check out some hot new Kylie Minogue mash-ups. On Fettdog's Kylie Minogue versus Gary Numan mash-up, Kylie delivers her hit "Slow" over an old Gary Numan b-side called "Photograph" to create a gorgeous track with piano and strings. On Pheugoo's Kylie Minogue versus David Bowie mash-up, Kylie's vocals are mixed up with David Bowie's 80 post-disco tune "Let's Dance." (Click here to order Kylie's newest "Greatest Hits" album)

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